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Monday, Oct. 28, 2002
So he didnít pay the cable bill. I donít really know why some bills get paid and some donít. I stopped asking because the fact is I realized I was wasting a lot of valuable time and energy always asking about things that just never changed no matter what the contrived answers were.

But he did rent movies. And he did rent Sex in the City tapes. I havenít watched it for months. Itís the only show I watch but in this section of town there is only one cable provider and it would be in the upper $70ís a month to include HBO. Insane. So it looks as though Iím going to miss this entire season of Sex in the City. But luckily I know it will come out on DVD and I will snag the entire season when it does. Either way last night I watched the funky spunk rerun again and about 3 hours of Sex goodness.

I just typed all of that to let you know that Bucky is watching Glitter, that stupid movie with Mariah Carey in it. So far weíve just watched the previews. Itís early yet, but soon weíll leave for the day.

I have to get a money order this morning and mail it off. I have to grab something healthy to eat because Iím starving.

Last night I did something really stupid. Something that makes me question everything I know about myself. I suppose sometimes you have to do those things to find out who you really are. Or perhaps emotions override logic and you just go do something without thinking about it.

Why do some people think that by nature of them knowing you they have the right to know everything about you? And why do I want to tell said person everything but feel like because of the circumstances that I can't. I can't give everything away when everything isn't wanted. That's not about having secrets either.

Who has a good pie recipe? I met someone that likes pie.

This movie Glitter looks like it sucks, but Bucky is glued to the screen. Hmmm..


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