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Monday, Aug. 12, 2002
I just had the two most unbelievable things happen. And I don’t know which to talk about first…so here goes…forgive me if I do this in a backwards order or something..but this is just what just happened.

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What is your cell number?



I got this email from ‘t’ asking me for my cell number so I correctly assumed he’d try to call it even though I am sitting at work and shouldn’t take calls here. But c’mon from Afghanistan? So I turned my phone on and sure enough he was calling me from his laptop and the connection was surprisingly clear and amazing. We spoke for a total of 6 ½ minutes. Me standing in the bathroom with my hand over my left ear, tears streaming down my face listening to him say “hi babe..I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you that it will all be ok…somehow it will be ok…I really love you Kristy” Tears streaming spontaneously…it was the sweetest thing…. he and I just saying hi to each other…etc… It was the absolute kewlest. He said, “kristy we gotta still chat online cause I’m so shy I don’t know what to say to you like this.” Awwwww

And then…. Husband’s been complaining about his legs. Not being able to walk right. His leg muscles hurting. He attributed it to his starting Tae Kwon Doe and stuff. Then he got sick of it and started to go to the doctor. He finally was told this afternoon that he has some enzyme in his blood stream that is eating away his muscles. That was it. That was apparently all that they told him. I’m at a loss for how to take this news, how to feel about it or how to proceed.

I spoke to a very good friend of mine and “he” mentioned that my husband is a habitual liar neighbor fucker. Ouch..but c’mon we must take this into consideration when being told any information by him. Yes..he is perhaps so bad that he’d lie about his physical health to dump a guilt trip on me. Who can know? I never thought he’d do any of the other things he did either.

So then Mike called and he can’t make it tonight…I said, “that’s ok by tomorrow night I might really need a beer. I told him briefly and he said, “my life is so good…

I get that reaction a lot.

Right now all I wanna think about is how “t” just called me from Afghanistan today!!!!!!!! About how amazingly sweet and good that he is. About how shy and about how he said, “wow your voice…”.

I’m at a loss…a seesaw of emotions. Thank god I had a bag of cornuts stashed in my desk…

Someone told me that he doesn’t know how I got to be a part of his life. He says it was much like how Alice got on the Brady Bunch…she just always was …right?
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