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Monday, Mar. 21, 2005
Today I have a list of inadequacies that I’d love to gripe about but I’ll just try to list them only since I’ve already griped about them for days. Apartment complex manager …..

a. he sucks
b. he’s never around
c. still don’t have a mailbox key
d. Post Office guy was a dick over the phone but was nice in person!!
It must have been my new blue pants I’m wearing that made allll the difference?

Dunkin Donuts did not have caffeinated latte’s today

a. they only had decaffeinated, yah right, like I want that
b. I drove to Starbucks.
c. I’m sorry I thought of cheating on you BIG S!


a. Speechless
b. still glad I don’t pay
c. and to think I’m always about to lay out the cash and then…..
d. and don’t call me a bitch because I said that either….

Current online teacher???

a. enough said..

Allergies, runny nose, scratchy eyes…


Terri Schaivo

a. enough already…..enough I say enough!!!!

Scott Peterson, Amber Frey….double enough…

a. because I’m fascinated by his resemblance in behavior to my ex-husband and I stop mid-breath to look at anything related….gahhh!!!

Now for some good things…since there always are some…

Rick brought me a dishwasher…brand new……awwwwwww

I now have an interview for another position at the U. on Thursday.

I have coveted the position since arriving at the U and so I’m very excited and also have my current supervisors support and encouragement, even though she hates to see me leave her department. The job is in a department I’m interested in, it has much to do with my current degree program, and is in a field I want to learn more about. The job also happens to pay a bunch more and is DAYLIGHT hours and weekly days only and therefore I could start to get my son on a weekly basis AGAIN. I could also take my more difficult math classes on site with teachers that I adore. Wish me luck!

My new SUV rocks! I love my new purchase…love love love it!

Alavert works!!!!

Frontline is still a beautiful thing. I saw a flea yesterday and then I saw it fall dead onto my pant leg after furiously searching for it amongst the chloe’ness cuteness.

Making love on Sunday afternoon….rocks!!! I love you honey….

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