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Saturday, Dec. 31, 2005
As 2005 winds down I must reflect. 2005 was

the year I got married. It will be a year that is long remembered and counted back to and celebrated…for the rest of my life.

the year I started college and made a huge breakthrough in tackling my own personal goal to go to college. This too will give cause for counting back for years to come.

the year I bought myself a new car. That should really be capitalized “BOUGHT MYSELF” a new car. This was a big step for me….for personal reasons that are too difficult to write about. But..I did it..this year!!

the year of unfortunate events when it came to the apartments that I lived in. I moved 3 times this year…all within spitting distance and all for no reason that I wanted to move nor because the rent did not get paid.

the year that I started to truly feel myself emerge from the dark cloud that a previous divorce caused. I was over it a long time ago, but this year was the year that I truly embraced my future and truly was grateful for all the hell I went through in the past because it led me to a happier place in my life. So I was over him….but the evolution of who I am becoming happier, healthier, more intune with myself…that happened this year in leaps and bounds.

Next year I look forward to happy times with my son and my husband. I look forward to working on fertility issues and hopefully spending my time incubating a new life.
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