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Goodbye Tonymac!

Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2005
Yesterday was Tonymac’s last day with us…he’s transferring to San Antonio to work. I was supposed to go and say goodbye to him before I left work yesterday but then I was running late and rushed out of work without dropping by the office he was working from. Gahh..how stupid of me!!!

This morning when I got to my desk there was a note left in 3 post it notes.

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It reads

I can’t believe you left w/o saying goodbye. :-( It’s ok, we’ll stay in touch. Good luck w/your marriage and ****(company name). I’ll email you on my first day in San Antonio. To remember you, I have “treasured” (stole) your pen. ;-)

I’ll miss you

Your friend,


*sob* I forgot to say goodbye…..I did chat with him yesterday…but I didn’t say goodbye….. to the guy that was constantly fixing the blinds….

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The guy that wrote tons of “get rich quick” funny emails and inserted this photo….

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The guy that dressed up like a girl for Halloween

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And then let another co-worker touch his fake boob….

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Mostly Tonymac was just my friend…..just a regular guy who liked to make people laugh….and I am going to miss him even though he still works for the company and we’ll be sending mad email back and forth……it won’t be the same as having him serenade me like a retard to “All by Myself by Eric Carmen”. I’ll never hear a line from Napoleon Dynamite again without thinking about Tonymac. I’m going to miss him.

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