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good grief this was bad of me....or...was it?

Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2002

I got tired and goofy and decided to fuck with the blueyed one. And yeah she’ll tell him and guess what ….I finally don’t give a rats ass… YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Oh and incidentally I threw tons of lies and ridiculasness in there. Now she’ll run to him and sound like a flaming idiot. And this girl is too stupid to save a chat. She doesn’t know how. HAHAHAHAHA….doh! OK OK so I need to grow up but I was bored and too tired and …..yeah yeah I know….

Me: you're so predictable

Me: run to him and tell him how horrible I am for talking to you

Me: yet you talked with me

Me: now didn't ya?

blueyedblonde: I talk w/whom I please

Me: annnnnd for the record I think you said the awful things you said simply because you can't have any kids and it bothers you

Me: well too bad for you

blueyedblonde: Too bad for you

Me: maybe God doesn't let people who shouldn't raise children have them

blueyedblonde: give child away keep puter

blueyedblonde: than why did you have one

Me: I didn't give my child away

Me: he's with his parent

blueyedblonde: cheaper to have net than child

Me: I'm not paying for the Internet

blueyedblonde: get a grip and in the real world

Me: I am however working two jobs and giving the income entirely from one for the welfare of my child

Me: I work from 8:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

blueyedblonde: all for what or whom

Me: for my son

Me: that's who

Me: but if he lived with me I couldn't work two jobs and ever see him

Me: and for the record he's at my place at 6:30 a.m.

blueyedblonde: wow an whole hour

Me: I get up at 4 a.m. every morning and shower and make breakfast so that he and I can sit down for 2 hours and talk to each other over breakfast

Me: He's with me all weekend every weekend

blueyedblonde: concept of parenting huh

Me: oh but you're the one that told me to get 4 jobs and keep him with me

Me: seems to me that he'd be with a babysitter all day that way

Me: this way he's with a parent

Me: me or his father

Me: at all times that he's not in school

Me: and when he's home for the summer

blueyedblonde: and I'm downed for not having any kids...

Me: I will have enough money saved to be able to quit my second job and spend all my time with him

blueyedblonde: thought you was going to school

Me: I simple stated that you have no children and you're jealous and trying to tell others how to raise children you have never met or seen

Me: I am going to school when my son is not in school

Me: I work all day 3 days a week

Me: the other two days I make his dinner and do homework with him

blueyedblonde: no jealously here...Seen too many childeren from broken homes

Me: if I am not at work, I am with my son

Me: a broken home is better than an unhappy one where two people fight

Me: my son sees me happier

Me: he sees his father happier

blueyedblonde: what do you tell him"I can not afford you living w/me"

Me: he's therefore happier

Me: I tell him that I love him. I tell him that I'll always be here for him. And he tells me that he wants to live in his house..the same house he's lived in for 4 years.

Me: I am granting his wish.

Me: I am listening to my child.

Me: I am NOT listening to some women on the Internet who doesn't know anything about my life or my son for that matter.

Me: I know you ran to him. You always do. It makes no difference.

blueyedblonde: But,its ok to listen to some man

blueyedblonde: huh?

Me: I am not listening to any man.

Me: anywhere

blueyedblonde: like you have not before huh

Me: I am listening to what my son wants.

Me: I'm not the girl that let some man beat the fuck out of me for years.

Me: you need to take a serious look at your own messed up life before you judge other people

Me: your judgemental and its not a nice quality

blueyedblonde: my life is happy

Me: its quite ugly in fact

Me: it wasn't always happy

blueyedblonde: no,but I used my wits

Me: I have too.

blueyedblonde: and only mine

Me: Everyone involved is happier.

Me: I havent' listened to anyone.

Me: If I had...i would be in NC right now.

Me: I'm not.

Me: My choice.

Me: No man is more important to me than my son.

Me: None.

Me: Ever.

blueyedblonde: but at one time huh

Me: Never.

Me: I never packed my things and moved there.

Me: And hell I never drove there hoping to see him either.

Me: Can you say the same?

Me: For a girl who's seen her share of bad times....you sure didn't learn any compassion from any of it.

blueyedblonde: yes,that was not the purpose of trip tho

Me: pathetic if you ask me

Me: chase someone that doesn't want to be chased

Me: try to see someone who hasn't invited you

blueyedblonde: you are beyond the words

Me: take a long look at yourself

blueyedblonde: take a look at yours,net problems..In love w/an image

Me: I am not in love with anyone.

Me: I am not moving from here.

Me: I am not involved with anyone.

Me: I do not want a man.

Me: I want to be self sufficient and I am.

Me: I do not have any family helping me.

Me: I do not care what you say. What you think. You are nothing and no one.

blueyedblonde: I am someone.w/a life and a real world

Me: I simply came to tell you that the way you talked to me....was ruthless and uncalled for.

Me: I have a real life.

Me: I have a child.

Me: That's real.

Me: Thats as real as it ever gets.

Me: And his father and I both love him. And we didnt' seperate because of the Internet or anyone on it.

Me: You know nothing about my life.

blueyedblonde: you know nothing about me

Me: I know far more than you can imagine.

Me: Tell "him" I said hi in that email you're gonna write him tonight.

blueyedblonde: hahahahahahahaha,you are way too hilaroius

Me: I'm sure you were half writing it already.

Me: Predictable, Judgemental....

Me: by the way why aren't you with the doctor tonight?

blueyedblonde: ESP...damn you are good way work 2 jobs

blueyedblonde: LAWYER>>>>>

Me: whatever the lie was

Me: if I was with someone I wouldn't be here wasting my time talking to you

blueyedblonde: whoa sounds like you have a bit of jealous streak

Me: HAHAHA of what?

Me: jealous of what?

blueyedblonde: your stide remarks says it all

Me: phhhhhhhhhft

Me: you think what you want...you always do

blueyedblonde: I have someone,and will have someone

Me: I just don't like you because you cant' be trusted. You are a whiney baby.

Me: I don't need anyone.

Me: When I get involved with someone it will be because I want to be involved.

blueyedblonde: who is doing the whining?

Me: I'm not whining. I'm simple telling you that you are rude.

blueyedblonde: it blew in your face and you are blameless we know

Me: nothing blew up in my face

Me: he and I are very close

blueyedblonde: RUDE>>look in the mirror

Me: always will be

Me: nothing you do or say will change that

Me: it never has

Me: it never will

blueyedblonde: you tried to turn the tables

Me: he's the one that coems to me

Me: calls me

Me: looks for me

Me: sends me gifts

Me: him

Me: he does it

Me: not me

Me: I don't know what he tells you but its not me chasing him.

blueyedblonde: so,am I too be overwhelmed

Me: Yes I care about him. Yes he's my friend. Yes I have feelings. But ....its not me chasing him....badmouthing you......like you try to do continuously over me.

blueyedblonde: you are so un-real

Me: whatever

Me: I'm bored with this

blueyedblonde: than go away

blueyedblonde: you pm'd me

Me: and you replied

Me: you always do

Me: dummy

blueyedblonde: and you are so depressing

Me: I am not depressed or depressing

Me: I'm free

Me: I'm on my own.

Me: I can come and go as I please.

Me: I don't need anyone anymore.

Me: I'm happy.

Me: I see my son everyday.

blueyedblonde: that makes life easy huh

Me: Things are good.

Me: no its not easy

blueyedblonde: repeating yourself

Me: none of this is easy

Me: no one gave me anything

Me: where did you go when you left husband?

Me: did you run to mommy and daddy?

blueyedblonde: trying to convince your self huh

Me: who helped you?

Me: did you do it yourself?

Me: did ya?

Me: or did you rely on someone else?

Me: Did you want "him" to be your answer?

Me: How many nights did you cry on his shoulder?

Me: How many times?

blueyedblonde: I helped myself

Me: not what I heard

blueyedblonde: I put myself thru school

blueyedblonde: I own my own home

Me: did you do while rasing a child?

blueyedblonde: this is where I stayed

blueyedblonde: I helped my family and parents

blueyedblonde: and help raising neices and nephews

Me: hmmm so you would say that I don't know a thing about your life?

blueyedblonde: you know nothing

Me: well gee

Me: isn't that funny

Me: and you think you know everything about mine

blueyedblonde: only what is said or told well gee

Me: you know a big 1% of what is going on

Me: thats it

blueyedblonde: who fuckin' cares

Me: you obviously do

Me: you're talking to me

Me: you run and tell him everything we talk about

Me: so you obviously do care

blueyedblonde: hahaha...comedain are you

Me: and guess what

Me: I don't care what you tell him

blueyedblonde: who runs

Me: I don't hide anything from him

Me: and if anything...he felt badly that he told you anything about my personal life

blueyedblonde: thats your problem

Me: because that was wrong of him to do that

Me: I don't ask him about you

Me: I don't care who he talks to

Me: about what

Me: its not my concern

Me: but you ask him about me

Me: hmmmm

Me: odd

Me: thought you didn't care

Me: gee......looks like you do

blueyedblonde: sorry.I ask nothing

Me: nah...you're lying now

Me: because "him" doesn't lie

blueyedblonde: hahahahahaha

Me: are you gonna tell me he does?

blueyedblonde: you are naive

blueyedblonde: gullable

blueyedblonde: weak

Me: wrong

blueyedblonde: senseless

blueyedblonde: believing in typed words

Me: you really ought to get a dictionary

Me: "Him" isn't typed words

Me: we rarely talk online

Me: but we talk often

Me: do you have his address?

Me: do you know where he works?

blueyedblonde: you ought to get a life other than that of one on the net

Me: work phone number/

Me: ?

Me: do ya know ?

Me: I don't have a life on the net

Me: my life is here in the real world with my son and my work

blueyedblonde: I for got yours began w/the net

Me: wrong

Me: in fact....

Me: I'm gonna go back to husband

Me: we're reconciling

Me: going to counseling

blueyedblonde: than get the fuck off of here

Me: we seperated so that we could work out our problems in a controlled way

Me: I can do whatever I want to do

Me: you're telling me to get off of here and yet here you sit talking to me

blueyedblonde: alot of marriges ended due to this net and pal

Me: my marriage ended because he cheated on me

Me: there's how much you know

Me: and it was very real in real life

Me: not with anyone online

blueyedblonde: what are you doing

Me: regarding what?

Me: you mean right now?

blueyedblonde: you was urning for a man on here if that aint cheating

Me: who was I burning for?

Me: or did you mean yearning?

Me: give me your address I want to send you a dictionary so badly

Me: consider it a gift

blueyedblonde: you are way too funny

Me: you are way too stupid for me to continue talking to you

blueyedblonde: unlike you I'm not too willing to give my shit over the net

Me: bet you'd give it to "him"

blueyedblonde: STUPID....that you are

blueyedblonde: not even to him

Me: hmmm maybe he's not as close to you as you thought

blueyedblonde: I did not say I was

blueyedblonde: or he was

Me: just keep in mind.....when you write that email...he'll just call me up and read it to me

Me: didya know that?

Me: yeah I didn't think so

blueyedblonde: keep in mind...I don't give a shit

Me: just saying

Me: you must

Me: cause you go crying to him everytime I speak to you

Me: big baby

blueyedblonde: no you do

Me: nope

Me: in fact I don't say a word

blueyedblonde: facts you need to get straight

blueyedblonde: BIG,hmmmmmmmmmmm

Me: fact is you like him and it bothers you to no end that he doesn't like you that way back

Me: stick that in your hat cause there's a fact

blueyedblonde: you just described yourself

Me: sure thats why he calls me

Me: oh wait....maybe you're right

Me: does he call you too?

Me: and gullible?

Me: gee "him" believes I left my husband

Me: and I never have

Me: hmmm go figure

blueyedblonde: I'm not the one who is hounding him like you,..Nor,do I want a lasting relationship nor did I ask him if I could move in w/him

Me: hahaha I never asked to move in with him

Me: I never drove there hoping to see him

Me: I never said I even wanted to meet him

Me: you're confused

blueyedblonde: and you lie

Me: finally you get a point in this game

Me: yeahhhhhhhh for you

blueyedblonde: how many times did you say you was in love w/him

Me: never

blueyedblonde: lying bitch

Me: what language

Me: ok ok....I think he's pretty kewl

Me: I'd lie down on train tracks for him

Me: but IN LOVE?

Me: you gotta meet someone and spend lots of real time with someone to be IN LOVE

blueyedblonde: You are crazy....Weird person

Me: and you my dear are the fucking gullible one for buying into anything I ever say

Me: talk to "him"

Me: be his friend

Me: leave me the fuck out of it all

Me: and for crying out loud quit sniveling to him everytime I say something to you

Me: its about disgusting

blueyedblonde: I was told you was one fucked up person

blueyedblonde: I believe it

Me: by him?

Me: by him?

blueyedblonde: you need help

Me: you don't know me so quit talking about me

Me: forget you know anything about me

Me: mind your own business

Me: its really rather easy

Me: I don't talk to him about you

blueyedblonde: frankly my dear,I do not want to know you

Me: I don't ask him questions about you

blueyedblonde: quit talking about ppl you got the nerve

Me: HAHAHAHAHA you're so stupid

Me: you belive everything I say

Me: are you that lame?

Me: get it through your fucking head

Me: you don't know me

blueyedblonde: not like you

Me: you never did

Me: you never will

Me: forget all about me

Me: problem solved

blueyedblonde: quit talking about ppl you got the nerve

Me: HAHAHAHAHA you're so stupid

Me: you belive everything I say

Me: are you that lame?

Me: get it through your fucking head

Me: you don't know me

blueyedblonde: not like you

Me: you never did

Me: you never will

Me: forget all about me

Me: problem solved

blueyedblonde: you are deranged

Me: I'm deleting this nickname and paltalk and you and him and all will be fine.

Me: you are so stupid

Me: you believe all of this

Me: geez

blueyedblonde: why tell me

Me: sad

Me: so sad

blueyedblonde: sad you are

Me: I'm deleting it all because I don't care about any of it.

Me: all a game

Me: all a joke

Me: nothing real on a computer screen

Me: including me

Me: go write your email now

YUP I hope she did….cause…..he’ll think she’s fucking nuts. Teehee…..

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