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Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005
The wedding dress fits. Itís still a little snug but I can breath and I can move. However, I am not stopping my new regime. I read and hear so many controversial things about different diet plans, etc. And yet I mostly eat eggs, bacon, cheese, red meats, green vegetables and protein shakes and salads all with no sugar, no bread, no wheat products and very little carbs. I use Splenda and put only one packet into my morning hot tea and my afternoon cold tea. It works. I canít tell you how much or how little I have lost already in 6 days but I can tell you that my jean shorts that didnít fit last week now fit. I wore them today. I can tell you that my wedding dress now zips up.

Keep in mind I am doing the Walk Away the Pounds video daily. It entails cardio walking in your own home for one mile. I am upping to two miles tomorrow.

A co-worker pointed out to me that Weight Watchers is much more healthy. I just read a lot of studies and articles online that say that the average person loses 11 lbs over the course of 3 years. What???? Thatís not a very good weight loss program for someone that has more than 11 lbs to keep gaining and losing. However, Iím sure there are examples of WW working for some people.

Dieting is something that is so frustrating and controversial. For me I know that the changes I implement when I diet work. I usually just end up getting lazy or life gets confusing and I fall off of my well structured plans. The hardest part of dieting for me is that diet food costs far more than normal foodís more readily available. In addition, I have to ďplanĒ my meals and pre-think what I am doing. This is the hardest part for me. Heck if I were Oprah Iíd have lost a lot of weight too because I would hire people to do all of the work for me. I would have a gourmet chef and a trainer and the like too. And I would be far more successful because I would never get tired of the work involved, Iíd be paying someone else to do the work.

Overall I will always believe that if you delete junk food, sugar, soda and you interject daily cardio exercise (anything that makes you sweat and breath heavy) you will lose weight. I just wish I could remember how good this feeling feels when someone brings in donuts to work for breakfast after Iíve worn the dress, gotten married and life somewhat returns to normal. I hope I will still remember this feeling and continue until there is no looking back.

But if not I hope I can get this ladyto give me her information. Then again maybe not, I donít think they sell donuts.
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