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Monday, Oct. 18, 2004
Happy Monday morning. I have an evil list and a good list. Bad first…

Evil List:

1. My ex-husband has a big huge decal of God’s face on the back of his SUV. Hypocrite!
2. He taught our son that you can “do anything you want because Jesus will forgive you and you can still go to heaven.” (directly quoted via our child)
3. My son was very bad yesterday and this upsets me because I realize it is because I have left him to his father’s devices to try to get a college education and become a better person and mother…at what cost??? Ackkkk
4. My ex-husband got fired from his job.
5. My ex-husband will not wave to me from his vehicle while passing me and HIS son if HIS whacko wife is with him.
6. My ex-husband will talk endlessly to me via telephone if SHE doesn’t know about it.
7. My son was “talking back” to me and this aggravates me more than needles in my eyes.
8. Ex did state today that if I chose to punish child he will back up my form of punishment in his own home.
9. Ex did agree that child is hitting puberty or something and is acting up lately
10. Ex does not feel that it is due to my busy work/school schedule but rather hormones and age.
11. I have my doubts.
12. I’m glad he is my “ex”.
13. He’s unemployed.
14. I was again right when I said he was on the upswing and it would all fall apart eventually.
15. And his cookies crumble again.
16. Ahhhh the relief in the realization that I do not have to sweep up his mess.

Good List:

1. My fiancé rocks pink socks!
2. My fiancé calls me back immediately whenever I call him.
3. My fiancé smells yummy.
4. My fiancé gives good hug.
5. My fiancé loved his “Happy Sweetest Day” card.
6. My fiancé liked his bottle of massage oil I bought for him.
7. My fiancé really really really liked the long massage I gave him.
8. My fiancé has a knot in his left calf muscle that I cannot fix. :-(
9. My fiancé thinks I “should” spoil my child to a certain degree because he’s absolutely the kewlest child even when he’s being “bratty, snotty, cranky and fatherly messed up.”
10. My fiancé has a cute butt.
11. My fiancé drives better than I do.
12. My fiancé has m&m chocolately eyes.
13. My fiancé is buying a car today.
14. My fiancé is working right now and is probably all dirty and muscle bound.
15. My fiancé is financially responsible.
16. My fiancé pays his bills on time.
17. My fiancé never gets fired.
18. My fiancé never lies.
19. My fiancé works more hours than I do! (that’s aaaaaaaaalot of hours!!!)
20. My fiancé straightens my 500 books often.
21. My fiancé knows more about computers than I do.
22. My fiancé cannot type.
23. My fiancé makes me laugh, smile…..he makes me very happy.

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