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Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003
First, to my two biggest IP fans, and for your input. Also, thanks for being my biggest fans. For being the crap writer you think I am....you certainly click here to read me a lot and I appreciate the eyetime. Glad to fascinate you.

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Tod asked me for my input a week or so ago....I gave it. You can see what I wrote on his page.

I asked Mr. Burnett (published author of "Cigarette" for his input on my recently posted story. His critique went like this...

From: NEMO10@####.com
To: poeticalgirl@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: from allison
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:09:54 EST

I think you have talent -- a really nice ear and a good sense of language. What you have written will only get better if, as you revise it (and it's true -- writing is rewriting), you keep filling it up with more concrete specifics and fewer abstractions and emotions. What makes things universal is specifics. The more clearly we can see the narrator's life (as opposed to hear aobut her feelings), the more powerfully we can relate to her, and the more deeply will feel.


Sure Mr. Burnett is a nice guy. I know that much for absolute sure. But I asked for sincere and hardcore rip apart critique. I think anyone who writes, reads or aspires to be or do anything literary will encourage their fellow man. I think he gave constructive advice and criticism rather than simply saying "hey its pure crap...scrap it" which I may do. Afterall my story was written while my freakass boss was droning on about collection technique. It wasn't re-written or spellchecked or anything of the like. It was off the cuff. Simple as that. And hell.....you got to read it for free. So...uh...yah... Maybe I'll take my basic ideas for that story and re-write, maybe I won't. Fact is being a writer means writing thousands of pages of dribble, another thousand pages of pure crap and then a few hundred that amount to something worth a damn. Any good writer will tell you that much. Again....thanks for reading.


All donations for college will be accepted soon on my very own paypal account. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)
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