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Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005
Today I got a piece of news that should by all rights be considered bad news, but somehow I don’t see it that way.

This morning one of my co-workers at the construction company had to leave his jobsite to go and retrieve his child because his soon to be ex-wife decided to upset the child so badly that the teacher had to call him to come and retrieve his child. Why the upset? There is an impending divorce and said child just found out about it via his mother who decided to go on a yell fest and scream the news into the child’s face prior to dropping him off at school. So this child broke out in tears in his classroom.

Another person I know told me she was contemplating divorce after having issues with her husband over his grown child who does not have any responsible bones in his body. They disagree about how it should be handled and it’s making her stressed out and unhappy enough to consider where she might go if she were to leave.

Now back to that bad news. When someone tells me they are headed towards divorce I get this twisted feeling in my stomach. If I know that they’ve been unhappily married for quite some time then I feel this loss of a dream, and yet after my own experiences, I also feel a freedom, a letting go of all of the bad things that have been making that person unhappy. Almost a relief for them. Of course this depends on the circumstances as always.

So this morning someone I know told me they’re headed toward divorce and I feel a sense of grief for what they’ve lost, and another sense of relief for what they may one day gain. Peace.


One of the workers here just randomly came into my office taking about his day and turns out he’s been divorced twice! TWICE! Divorced now for 12 years. He says he will not get married again. That is rather sad to me.

One last thing….

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