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Monday, Sept. 22, 2003

Last night I dyed my hair.  It was supposed to be ash blonde, a lighter blondish brown rather than this medium brown I have now.


I dyed it.  Bucky set the timer.  We sat and talked.


Timer went off.


I rinsed hair.


Dryed hair with hair dryer.


Looked in mirror.


Nothing had happened.


I mentioned this to a co-collector worker of mine, Mike and he said, “my wife works in the OB department at the hospital….you’re pregnant!”


I said, “say what?”


He said, ‘explains the migrating belly ring….and the non-changing hair, when a woman’s body is pregnant it’s chemical make up drastically changes.




I called Rick and told him what Mike said, and I swear I could taste his smile all the way from another city!!



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