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Saturday, May. 17, 2003
Today is my birthdayyyy na na na na na na!

And for my birthday I got some awesome stuff. Number one...Bucky is here. He's sleeping overnight again and yippyyyy.... I'm happiest about that. He brought me gifts he made for me. He made me a lovely vase he painted purple and gold and a jewelry box and an airplane he painted too. I also got a silver bracelet with a heart dangle charm on it that's got my name engraved on one side and "Rick" engraved on the other side. Quite pretty! I love it.

And last but not least at all.... I got a doggie. I got a doggie. Rick's boss's daughter was looking to find a home for little and I do mean little Chloe. She's a miniature doberman pincher, there's another name for her breed, but I'm at a loss for the right word right now. She's black with brown markings and is tiny as hell. Really teenie tiny. She's skittish around kids because her owner had a 5 yr old child that used to throw her in the pool and generally torture her with kid hijinks. Why do people let their kids mistreat their pets??? 5 years old in my opinion is old enough to have respect for animals. My son had respect for his pets at that age. She's quickly getting acclimated to her new home, slowly getting used to Bucky and the fact that he's not going to harm her. She likes to sleep in bed with Rick and I. She digs her way deep into the blankets and zonks out. You don't even know she's there because she's so dang small. She rarely barks, doesn't eat alot but loves to sit in your lap as much as possible. She's really great. She's lifted my spirits sooo much.

Yesterday I had an appointment with the doctor. He says I'm doing well, but that my headaches might be because of my getting immune to the drug. So he increased my dosage. We'll see how this goes. I took my book into him and he wrote down the title and said he was going to buy it. Rick went with me, sat in the waiting room just like last time. It's not like he can do much for me, but somehow just knowing he's out there and takes an interest in me this way means so very much to me. He even picked up that book and glanced through it. When I came home from work yesterday he was flipping through this diary and I asked why. He said, "I just want to know." or something to that effect. I think that's nice. :-)

I also got

for my birthday. Thank you!

I'm gonna go take my awesome kiddo out to dinner! -PoeticaL
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