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Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2002
It finally happened…it all changed and I don’t care. Especially after the day I just had! But even more than that...he came along like he always does trying to tell me what to do....this "go to bed" command is so typical of that whole relationship and finally....after 2 1/2 almost 3..wait it's over 3 years...he finally ...

“him”: alright get it to bed
PoeticaL: you can't do that to me anymore
“him”: true
PoeticaL: wooohoooooooooo
“him”: you got your way once
“him”: better mark that
“him”: with permanent marker
PoeticaL: you can't and you agree and that's awesome....fucking awesome!!!!!
“him”: its true i cant tell you what to do
PoeticaL: <----writes AWESOME on her wall with her marker
“him”: but i can tell ME what to do
PoeticaL: you never could before but you sure as hell tried
“him”: and im going to bed
PoeticaL: *waves*
“him”: nite
PoeticaL: night
PoeticaL: <-----plans to party all night.....yeehawwwwwwwww
PoeticaL: <---covers up her pj's so he doesn't see her or the fact that she's going to bed too
“him”: this shit is not worth missing my sleep
PoeticaL: know what?
PoeticaL: I agree
PoeticaL: I’m just brushing my teeth for bed
“him”: i see
“him”: well im off 2 bed
PoeticaL: night

I think that he and I are always gonna talk. It’s going to be this way and that’s ok. I think he can be a major dickhead 50% of the time but I also think that 50% of the time he’s the best friend I’ve ever had and I think that we all meet people for reasons. I met him to help me through a hard time perhaps. Somehow I gotta just tell him that me and husband are back together. Then it’ll all be right. I did sit down with husband and tell him everything there was to tell about “him”. He knows everything and I was honest with him!

I talked to him about MP too. And he knows…he’s just jealous. lol It’s flattering to have someone be jealous of you, isn’t it?

I wasn’t brushing my teeth (yeah I lie to him a lot! C’mon people…he’s a total shit…) I was really doin’ quizzes.

Which Sex and the City Player Are You?

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Which Grunge Band Are You?

Which British Band Are You?

Argh…I’m gonna be sluggin’ coffee tomorrow and be all bleary-eyed if I don’t go to bed.

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