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Sunday, Nov. 09, 2003
I just had a busy weekend. I'm sleepy, I'm coming down with a cold...but I had a busy weekend. I never stopped..at least it doesn't feel like I did.

Things that happened (in no particular order)

1. I bought Bucky a guitar for his birthday. :-)
2. I bought Christmas cards to mail for the first time in 4 years.
3. I will be having a white Christmas tree decorated in purple this year.
4. Chloe appears to be sick perhaps. :-(
5. Bucky and I make our first bracelets together with tigertail and beads.
6. He made most of them and they turned out very pretty.
7. BF is making popcorn right now as I type. poppity pop pop!
8. BF has no shirt on...yummy yum yum!
9. Bucky was here most of the weekend and helped me shop for Christmas.
10. It has cooled off alot in Florida. brrr...
11. BF is brining his popcorn over here..smells sooo good.
12. Popcorn in my mouth...mmmm good.
13. I bought a new dining room table and chairs at a yard sale yesterday for get this... $30.
14. And it's really very nice, even though its more of a kitchen table.
15. It's an all light pine farmhouse table with 4 chairs that are white with pine seats.
16. Bucky helped Mommy carry everything up to our 2nd floor apartment.
17. He's such a good kidlet. :-)
18. Bucky informed me today that his daddy grows grass on the patio.
19. Come to find out that he really grows grass, like the kind you mow.
20. Apparently ex grows grass in order to grind it up in a juicer specially made for grinding grass in order to drink it for it's nutrient value?????
21. Mid-life crisis much???? lol
22. I later advised ex that he should teach our son that walking about saying "my daddy grows grass on the back patio" is not such a great idea.
23. He grows it in cake pans. Grass cake. Sound yummy or what?
24. I've heard of dirt pudding, but grass cake? LMFAO!!!!
25. BF moved the bedroom furniture all around so I could put my computer on the old table I had and add the new table to the dining area.
26. BF rocks!!
27. BF poured some popcorn in the soup cup I was using to eat vegetable soup. There was still some broth in there. Popcorn and Campbells Vegetable broth is quite good together!!!
28. Chloe is waiting for some popcorn to fall on the floor. teehee....
29. I'm sleepy, BF is in the bedroom.
30. Guess why I'm done writing this entry...yah you go ahead and guess while I leave....
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