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Wednesday, May. 26, 2004
Just when you think everything and everyone sucks and life sucks and you jot it down on paper “my life sucks”, everyone and everything you thought sucked, grins a real big grin right in your face. And everyone that sucked doesn’t suck anymore and everything that felt large and heavy feels manageable again. Writing….it’s been a chore rather than a joy…I feel it might be coming back again….right around the bend with special thanks to m.p. for charting out a new tablet to inspire me to write. (and what you said to me in my guestbook…. ;-)

Because of the nature of my job, I hear about other people’s misfortunes with poor health often. Today is especially gruesome and sad. This could depress me, as I am easily depressive. However, today I want to run outside in a field and thank god I have two legs to run with.

Yah things don’t suck so bad …. Group hugs…heal everything.

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