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Tuesday, Apr. 02, 2002
I cleaned out my antique dresser last night. I threw away all of my “granny” cotton panties. Ya know the kind. The ones you shouldn’t ever buy, let alone wear. But you grab ‘em once a month. The ones with strings hanging loose and stretched out at the waist? The ones that aren’t quite as white as they used to be. I threw them all away. All I have in there now is my thong panties, lace panties, silk panties, sexy panties!!!! I’m gonna wear sexy panties every damn day of the year. What moron taught women not to? Doh! Sexy panties don’t cost more than white granny panties. What the fuck was I thinking?

I also threw away all white boring bra’s except one just in case…in case of what I don’t know. Perhaps the “I want to look like a nurse in a uniform” day ever happens…haa! I also threw away my maternity bathing suit (fuck…my kid is 9…it’s about time I just part with that pumpkin orange suit I never wore again…geez…) I ditch-canned all the socks missing their twins. All the socks from the 1980’s. Ya know the shit with pictures on em. Ok ok so I only had 2 pairs of those, but still! I am planning a big expenditure at Target this weekend where I’m going to spend at least $40 or more on some new and pretty socks. Even though I mostly wear sandals here…

It’s just not OK to ever wear this stuff…even if you are married. From now on I’m gonna spend some of my book money on new sexy lingerie. No more granny panties in my drawers. Ever!!!

I’m sure my husband will be happy. I’m gonna have to buy him some silk boxers or something too…since he never wears anything. I don’t know how he can do that…but he does. And “Bucky” does too. Goes in the raw that is. I can’t get that kid to wear underoo’s for nothin’. He used to go to school and throw em away in the bathroom. When he was in kindergarten! I got tired of paying for ‘em and so I gave up. He does have boxer shorts, but he only wears them to bed. And only on good nights or sleepovers! Ha!

Ok that’s it, I’m gonna buy em both some sort of kewl “gutchies” (a word my grandmother used for panties!) or “knickers”… (a word that sounds the sexiest when BraN says it in his English accent!)

Ok right now I’m trying to forget that I even know what kind “he” wore… fuck…I hate when I think about him all the time…. grrrr

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