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happy birthday pyschic boy

Sunday, Jun. 16, 2002

While chatting he tells me that he sees a vision. I don’t know about people that see visions or say they do. I’m not a big fan of that stuff. I have huge doubts about it all. He tells me often what color I’m wearing, what song he hears me listening to…. things that he has no way of knowing. He’s done it before. Once he told me I had new pajamas on and that they had big white clouds or something cloudlike all over them. In reality ….I had on new pj’s with sheep all over them. It sometimes is funny and just odd, but always freaks me out to some degree. He’s often told me these things and sometimes been a tad off, never all off and usually dead on right. It’s goofy. But he’s done it for 3 years. Once he told me I was drinking out of a glass ….something orange he said. I was drinking orange juice and it wasn’t morning and I was on the computer chatting to him, not on the phone were he might here me swallowing juice. It always makes me stop and wonder. But tonight….

He told me over the course of 20 minutes bits and pieces of images were coming to him. First he said “blue and white tomorrow….something blue and white …I just see something blue and white happening to you tomorrow. He saw me driving down the road with “Bucky” and he was able to name off the call letters of the radio station that I listen to (97x) he never said it quite right but he started with “it’s a 9 on the radio….ninety something…that goofy music I don’t like….the dj slurs the call out…I hear him talking….”Bucky” is mad at you…..it’s hot…your driving…I see red. I see red and wait…it’s a flag pole nearby with the flag and your driving. I see red more red. It’s the red light. Something blue and white….it’s a van. You stop, it can’t stop. A van rear ends you at a light. Then he got all quiet and said “it’s 2:30 that this happens….you’re gonna get hurt I think. um just stay home tomorrow. wait, this is nuts….just forget it”.

I just sat there. By this time I was on the phone with him cause he was freaking me out big time. All the other things he claimed to ever see before…were true. He told me he never tells anyone what he sees because they all think that he’s a whack job. He said he started to meditate again and when he does this it causes him to be open to this visionary stuff. I don’t know what I think. But I am alarmed by this. I am wondering about it. I then asked him what he saw tonight. With me. He said the following.

You have red on. A red shirt. (true!)
You have blue shorts on…way too big. (again true!)
You’re close to your ex, closer than you tell me. (again very eerily true)

I don’t think he has a clue that I love him. Maybe love isn’t a psychic feeling. Maybe this is all just fucked.

….it was his birthday. …. I wrote him this poem…

I celebrate you today

Today…today is a special day
Someone’s growing old ticking time away ;-)
Sometimes crack poets are at a loss for words
They come sometimes
And when they’re needed most they go
And on some days they should
Just be heard

I can’t help but stop to think
That it’s not the first time
I’ve been lost with ink
When my mind drifts
To thoughts of you
They’re all tangled up
In the depths of this
Friendship, me and you

I suppose I could jam
In a thousand words
About the things
I don’t know if I’ve ever versed
The way you make me smile
And laugh, the dreams we shared
The nice times we’ve had

We’ve shared so much
I’m grateful for you and so
In the end I hope you know
That always along the way
I’ve been lucky to have you
And that is why
I’d celebrate you today
Even if it wasn’t your birthday!

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