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Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, May. 01, 2002
H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y to M e!

Awwwwwwwwwwww...husband called me already this morning and said..."Happy Anniversary hon...and last night...mmmmm I'm pretty damn tired today..how about you?"

*PoeticaL blushes* teehee....

I also got an email from him this morning....

"Its hard to see but this is my new pet. I was in the pet store today checking out lizards. I wondered over to the bird section and this guy was so tame compared to the rest. He jumped right on my finger and let me pet him. I knew he wanted to go home with me. So i bought him and a new cage and all accessories for it too. I got him everything a bird could ever want, except theres one thing i dont have for him yet......a name!

I replied back...told him to name that bird his favorite word. "FUCKSTICK" HAHAHA! I jumped on his finger...he never took me home. LMFAO! Maybe I'm the lucky bird. teehee...

Ok seriously I called him and left a message telling him to name that bird "JACKSON" after Alan Jackson or "Nash" after Nashville, where he wants to live someday. Pretty kewl birdie names, eh? Jackson or Nash. I'm good at naming animals! Too bad theres not a career in that!
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