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Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2002
HAHAHAHAHA This is classic….she wrote him this email and then cc: it to me. Now who exactly sounds like the fucked up one?? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….. Didn’t I say she would write an email? Yup…I knew it. By the way if you really want to see something funny….do a spell check on her email….ROTFLMFAO…I gotta get her a dictionary. Yeah….I really do have to. It’s the very least I can do. I replied back to her and just wrote www.dictionary.com HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wonder what he’s gonna say….*shrugs* who cares???


I do not know what all you say and tell Kristy..Oh I was told you share everything w/her (right Kristy)..So,I'm saving you the trouble of having to send this to her..And,her changing my text..To her own pitiful satsifaction..”HIM”,how often are we online together??And,how often do I ask you about Kristy?? According to her it is often..Kristy,now since you tell “HIM” everything..You need to start w/the truth..You told me 3 different (lies) last-nite when you PM'D me..1.you left your husband 2.you are working on reconcilling your marriage w/a counselor..3.As far as “HIM” thinks you left your husband when you did not..And,than you have enough nerve to tell me..”HIM” messed you up...Whose mind are you really playing with??? This is it,I had enough..You both will no longer put me in the middle of you both..So,no more of the willingness and to eager to share w/me about you or the other person..Even,if it means losing a friendship..I DO NOT WANT NO PART OF IT...Actor and actress.You both are not...So do the song and dance routine elsewhere...Face it,you both belong together...Start w/being honest w/one another...Kristy,I'm telling you this..Not going thru “HIM” to tell you...DO NOT PM ME ANYMORE...As for being rude,you my dear always have started your conversation out as rude..Now,I did get rude w/you..finally...”HIM” if your playing games w/her and messing w/her heart and mind..Where is it getting you??Another friend lost.....This is how I see it,so I'm saying it..”HIM”,you have said you care a great deal for Kristy and she had your heart..Kristy,several time you told me you was in love w/”HIM”..At one point..Both was going to move together,in Tn..So,what is the problem..Make your mind up to make it work..Comprise...Kristy you asked me if I had a man than why was I not w/him,instead of being online..For your info..we live together,me and my man...”HIM”,this grl has me so close to saying our friendship is now DONE..She has some issues,that she needs to be up front w/you about...You was suppose to have told her a bunch of shit about me..Now,Kristy you can begin w/the truth.If that is possible w/you.Consider yourself winning this game..Why,cause this friendship circle..I'm slicing down the middle and taking myself out..Find another sucker that you think you can just pm and whine too...You are so obsessed...At one point I felt sorry for you..And,took up for you..Your misery,is self done...As for being done...I'm done w/the friendship that was once established...”HIM”,you told me that you do not share anything I send you to her..And,if I believe anything she tells me..Well shame on me..Whose telling the truth about whom or what???..Kristy was too quick to send me a dictionary last-nite..You was too worried about someones spelling..You hang on to it..'Cause you need to know some definitions..You'll never begin to defy the words that mean so much to you...”HIM”,you was wrong she learned nothing...She won,I'm no longer in this picture..A remake of the movie that Glenn Close played in..I do not need, someones obsession...”HIM” you got your hands full..W/her your work is not done...Happy molding....Good-luck....Enjoy your home..”HIM”,may god bless you in all your endeavors

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