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happy new book year!

Saturday, Jan. 01, 2005

Happy New Year….

I’m starting out the New Year on my diary with a book review. I personally love to read.  Duh…if you’ve read my diary even once you can’t escape the reality of my obsession with books, reading…the literary world..etc.  I recently bought a novel from someone on ebay.  She so kindly agreed to sign the inside cover and I looked forward to its arrival.  The book was coming from England and I expected it to take some time, but it didn’t.  It arrived in about a week…if that.  So soon that I didn’t really have much time to wonder when it would arrive as it arrived before my wondering time could occur.

The book …

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Writing on the Water by Jane Slavin

I don’t want to break any copyrighting laws or I would simply list what the backcover reads.  But suffice it say that I read a ton of books as you the reader here knows, and this one outshines so many others.  If you liked Bridget Jones but thought there was no real reality to the frivolous story or you’ve ever been so in love with someone that it almost borders obsessiveness, then you need to read this novel. Hell you need to read this novel if you want to be so engrossed in the characters that you can barely stop reading to shower, sleep, urinate and or eat.  The last two weeks in my life have included my fiancé being sick with a cold, coughing, with a sore throat.  Two days ago he started to cough up blood and this incident sent us to the hospital. He's ok, but has a bad case of bronchitis...I'm glad he let me take him the hospital too.  I had the wonderful forethought to take along this book that I was midway thru.  I then spent what should have been a miserable 4 hours in the emergency room being totally engrossed in this novel. I barely looked up except for when that one guy came in with a distorted and almost humorously so shoulder that he claimed “just needs popped back into place…damn skateboard.”  That garnered a moment of distraction, but not even the little baby next to me could distract me from the life of fictional character Ellen Millar.  She’s in love with Irishman, Aedan.  They meet and have a five day unbelievable “fall in love with each other a thousand times in five days” affair.  And then he goes back to his homeland to his life with another woman.  The anguish of these events is written so deeply, so profoundly, that you become her, you feel her, you feel her emotions.  She does what some would call “crazy” things, but what do we all do for love?  What do we think of doing?  Ellen does the unthinkable things, she does the stalking things….but he leads her on but yet he doesn’t.  It’s confusing and angst ridden and reality based…this love story I so recently finished.  This is a book that will be remembered long after yesterday, the day I finished.  It’s one that makes you feel all the emotions and it’s one that makes you wish the book never ended.  My recommendation..go find bettyslavin or do a search for “Writing on the Water” on ebay and buy her book.  She’s the stuff real writers are made of.  Her book rocks.  She also very kindly signed my copy “To Kristy, hoping that all your best dreams come true.  Good luck from across the ocean, Jane Slavin”  She also never asked me to do a review. 

*Jane Slavin is an actress.  She lives in London.  Writing on the Water is her first novel. 

Recently I bought Tod Goldberg’s mother’s novel from years ago called “The Statue of Liberty is Cracking Up.” By Jan Goldberg Curran and Marcy Bachmann Wetton.  I’m on page 18.  I relate.  It’s about divorce, moving on…etc.  When I bought the book used from amazon.com I got the following email from the seller

Thanks so much for your order.   I really enjoy finding second homes for my books!   I am mailing your book to you today via U. S. Postal Service Media Mail which usually takes 7 to 14 days to arrive

If you are pleased with the book and the service, I would really appreciate it if you would leave me a 5 feedback at Amazon.   If, for some reason, you are not satisfied and feel you cannot leave a 5, please let me know right away so we can work together to find a solution.                                                           

Thanks again!    GOOD READING!                                       


the Book Lady
Yuma, AZ  

Since when should someone ask that you leave them 5 stars or recommend them to others?  This is not an attractive thing for anyone to do.  I have had other’s do this in similar but not the same ways, and I don’t like it.  I don’t ask people to give me raving reviews etc.  These are things that should be done on a voluntary basis.  I did not reply to her and I DO NOT intend to leave her any stars or any mention etc.  I probably would have done so if she had not asked me to as she did ship the book quite fast etc.  But now that she’s TOLD me to in essence web TIP her…yah I’m going to forget to. 

I hope everyone has a great 2005…including R., my son, and Chloe’ness. 



I just bought the below books from ebay for $13 including the shipping.  As many of you book-buying people know this is a mega deal as one paperback book costs $14.99 on average.  The red titles are books I already have, but I made the purchase because for $1.09 per book for the ones I didn’t have…what a deal!!   If you want something on the list of books in red please drop me an email (poeticalgirlathotmaildotcom)with your address and in the spirit of the New Year I will mail it to you for free.  It’s as easy as that.  Please keep in mind I will fulfill requests on a first email first win basis and will be shipped via the cheapest method and as soon as I have the time to go to the post office.  What do you want for free? ;-)

The books I bought…. remember the RED titles are up for grabs.


The Good Sister by Diana Diamond. Book is Hardcover in great condition.
The Seven Sisters by Margaret Drabble. Paperback. Great condition
In the River Sweet by Patricia Henley. Paperback. Used.  (I have this book)
All Over but the SHoutin' by Rick Bragg. Paperback in Great condition
Heart, You Bully You Punk by Leah Hager Cohen. Paperback in good condition
The curious inient of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon Very good condition  (I have this book)
The Dew Breaker. By Edwidge Danticatt. Paperback in good condition
Into the Great wide open by Canty. Paperback in good condition. (I have this book)
Girlfriend 44 by Mark Barrowcliffe. paperback in great condition.
The good people of new york by Thisbe Nissen . Paperback in very good condition (I have this book)
The Secret History by Donn Tartt . Paperback in great condition
Boonville by Robert Mailer Anderson ..paperback in great condidtion.
The Hours by Michael cunningham in paperback great condition
The Romance Reader by Pear Abraham. Paperback in very good condidtion
Fox Girl iby Nora Okja Keller in paperback in very good condition
Saving St. Germ by Carole Muske Dukes in used condition paperback.


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