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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2002
I got a Thanksgiving Day present from Brad. “Him”. And he said I could post it anywhere and since I want to keep it like all great presents I’ve kept, here it is. He’s truly my best friend and he has given me plenty to be thankful for. And besides, look how handsome he is. :-)

I am going to spend the day with family and friends and lots of pumpkin pie. I’m pretty sure I’ll be giving Brad a call since he can’t eat take out Chinese and then have no one call him to cheer him up.

I am thankful for the following reasons…

1. I have a great kid.
2. I have a smart friend who makes me gifs for presents.
3. I have money in my pocket for the long holiday weekend.
4. My second song gets released this weekend.
5. I have much to look forward to.

Hey Brad… Thanks for all the times you’ve put up with my crankiness, all the days I’ve dumped everything on you, for reading everything I write (as long as its not a list of verbs) and for giving me something to work towards, a future to think about, and a friendship that is amazing. I’ve watched you achieve much in a short period of time, and I am proud of you. More than that, I am grateful for you. Thank you, for everything. Someday…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I wish you much peace and joy and second helpings of everything wonderful life has to offer. I have been blessed.


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