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Tuesday, Dec. 07, 2004
This comic strip reminds me of the man.
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I've never talked about his hat obsession so now's a good a time as any since I'm at work, half asleep and bored. He wears a hat all the time. So much so that I am getting him a black "groom" ballcap to wear right after we're pronounced "hitched" so that he can wear a hat with his tux and it won't be a Bucs hat. :-) Now that's love!

His hair looks messy sexy all the time. He thinks it looks messy bad, but lets not tell him that I like it otherwise I'll NEVERRRR get him to get it cut again.

My hair is always messy. I comb it once in the morning while it's wet and then a comb/brush never hits it again. I use my fingers all day and I'd have it no other way. The less I do to it the more compliments I get, however I have hat hair even when I don't wear a hat.

I did wear a hat to the Bucs game tho' and it drove me nuts about 6 hours later and I wondered how the man lives in a hat.

Thankfully he takes it off for three reasons. 1. to shower 2. to sleep and 3...to...
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