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Sunday, Mar. 19, 2006
After over a year of being in school here are the things I have learned by being a college student.

1. no one else will ever know what you yourself are going through as a student
2. no one around you will understand the evolution
3. writing unethical example papers about your ex-husband will garner you As twice but they will be somehow painful to write
4. in APA the numbers 10 and above are written as numbers, the numbers 9 and below are written like this 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (but please dont ask me why..I have no unearthly idea)
5. starbucks coffee makes you write better

Here are the things I have not yet learned

1. how to write an A paper during normal times of the day
2. how to write a paper without coffee
3. how to explain to anyone else how trying it is to work where you are enrolled as a college student
4. how to read all of the materials, WHO WHO WHO has that kind of time?
5. how not to resent every single person in the world who is not currently enrolled in college going through all of this with me?

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