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have you - poem

Monday, May. 20, 2002

have you

worn my flesh out into the world

felt the blood

flush through my veins


have you held my past

in battered hands

moved my limbs

through quicksand

knowing you can’t run fast

through insane


have you

touched the color of my years

washed them away

with battered tears


have you

slept under pages of poetry

found no warmth

in clattering sympathy

rinsed out pain

from your heart

wringing the tattered rags

dripping dry

ripping as you cry

wondering the

same word “why”

has it been long enough

that you believe

life is one giant lie


have you

lived inside my skin

felt the suffocation


have you

known my road

met its every rock

have you memorized,

detailed into engraving

my memories


have you

sat in corners

melting back and forth

against the wall

in melodic self talk


have you

lived through me

looked into my eyes

in mirror reflection

accepted the unacceptable

rejected the rejection


have you

known me

by being me

or have you seen me only

from your view judgmental



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