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Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2002
He called me here at work…just now. He said, “you’re upset because you wanted to cry and you wanted me to throw a pity party for you and if I did that you’d never get up off your ass and do something about your life and about how miserable you are.”

I told him the other night…well I asked him what he wanted me to do. He said today, “I email you and tell you what I think and now you’re mad at me for telling you what I think?” He said, “I don’t know what having a relationship with you in real life would be like….a big confusing mess??” Why’s he even ask me that shit?

He used the guise of …well I got this other exercise tape he bought for me and I sent him an email that said “I got the other tape today. Thanks.” That was it. He used that as his opening line. Actually he said, “Is this the National Bank..no? …oh well then can you transfer me?” He uses that cutsie stuff… And then he said, “I’m glad that other tape showed up for you…I know it took over a month.”

God help me…why does he get to me like he does? I ended the conversation by saying “I don’t want to argue with anyone anymore about anything so I’m hanging up.” And I did.

My head is such a clogged up mess, I can’t think straight about anything anymore. Maybe Bernie can help…. Besides...why does he call me if I'm such a bother to him?

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