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he forgot to wear a helmet now he can't remember...

Monday, Sept. 16, 2002
I just got a phone call from someone in my past that I knew a long time ago. I had just started to reconnect with him recently. Then I didn’t hear from him for like 7 months. I had no way to contact him and so I just waited. They all come back.

He came back. He found my cellphone number listed in his cellphone. He called me. He got in a motorcycle accident without wearing a helmet and sustained a head injury. I spoke to him for 20 minutes whereby I proceeded to explain to him who I was, how we knew each other.

He remembered I had a son and that my Dad had a black dog. He didn’t remember anything that’s happened in the last 2 years. He didn’t remember that my Dad has passed away. He asked, “yeah so how’s he doing?” I had to retell him that he passed away. He re-consoled me and gave his sympathy all over again, as if he just died.

He wasn’t wearing a helmet. I asked him for his parent’s phone number. He couldn’t remember it. He couldn’t remember where he put it. He told me he would have to wait for them to come back and he would write a note to tell them I wanted to speak to them. He couldn’t remember where he kept his pens. He asked me "where are my pens"?

At one point I asked him what he did remember about me. He said, “we worked together, we had fun…I know I have a crush on you..” That was 13 years ago. Last January he knew most everything about my life and me. Now he doesn’t remember anything after I left that job.

I asked why he called. He said, “I remember you just give me a second and maybe it will all come back.” I got quiet. He got quiet. I started to cry. He said, “yeah I remember now how you always cried.” He didn’t come back, but part of him , enough of him to call. He said, “I remember that you were important and I thought you should know I’m not dead.”

All I know is that this sucks.


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