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Monday, Sept. 27, 2004
Today my son is off of school because of the hurricane. His daddy was kewl enough to let him chat to me while I'm at work for awhile. We had another long chat after this one along with R's nephew that just got all goofy and kidlike and made me grin like crazy. I absolutely have the kewlest kid ever. I'm very upfront and open with him about everything. (poop island is where Chloe goes everyday to relieve herself...teehee..) He knows that Mom will never give him a line of b.s. Thank you god for such a blessing!

Bucky: hey
Kwisty2k: hi sweetie pete
Bucky: hows you been
Kwisty2k: yesterday i was sick...but i got some medicine and i'm ok now
Bucky: cool
Kwisty2k: how are you?
Bucky: sry i diident come over it was cuz the hurricane
Kwisty2k: that's alright honey
Kwisty2k: i was on the couch puking in a bucket
Bucky: i wanted to come over so much
Kwisty2k: awww
Kwisty2k: i'm sorry
Kwisty2k: i saw R on saturday night, we watched a movie together..things are better between him and I
Bucky: stevens being stupid
Bucky: he thinks you smoke
Kwisty2k: lol Mommy doesn't smoke
Bucky: tell him you dont smoke
Kwisty2k: tell steven to go talk to his own mom
Bucky: he sais his mom told him that you smoke
Bucky: tell him what his mom wheres
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: i don't smoke, his mother doesn't know anything about me
Kwisty2k: his mom wears old lady dresses like my grandma wears
Bucky: i no i told him that he wont listen
Bucky: he says you were over alls
Kwisty2k: i do not wear overalls
Kwisty2k: i do however dress like the young women that i am
Bucky: i no hes very dumb
Bucky: /*
Bucky: that was steve
Bucky: dont you thinkl that he is stupid
Kwisty2k: i think that steven is a product of his mother
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: who fills his head full of lies about me because she's insecure about where her husband is when she's not sure
Bucky: exs new wifes name ?
Kwisty2k: I do not smoke. I work two jobs and am a college student. I make more money than his Mommy ever will.
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: yes exs new wifes name doesn't trust your dad..she's always afraid he'll come back to me
Kwisty2k: and I don't even want him, he lies to me too much just like that little girl we used to live by
Kwisty2k: I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't party. I work work work and go to school and study and sleep.
Bucky: he farts way toooooo much
Kwisty2k: that's because he's full of hot air
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: why is he there? why isn't he with his father?
Bucky: he switches oon and off but last week he dident come over becouse his mom was mad and he dident want to be around it
Kwisty2k: why was she mad?
Bucky: and he wont go away
Bucky: couse when you picked me up
Kwisty2k: lol
Kwisty2k: I'm your mother, I can do that every day if I want to.
Kwisty2k: she called mommy's work a bunch of times asking questions and harassing Mom
Bucky: when
Kwisty2k: she was asking other people stuff about me and that's against the law, she was using her bosses name saying it was a legal matter and it's not
Kwisty2k: last week
Kwisty2k: on Friday and Monday
Bucky: how does she now where you work
Kwisty2k: i called her trying to make arrangements to pick you up and she didn't want to let me so that's why I came to your school to get you
Kwisty2k: when i called I called from work and she got the number
Bucky: man that sucks
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: she doesn't believe that i have two jobs and am in college...she found out that I don't lie
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: I told daddy to just pay me child support like all daddy's do then you could come over and I could work just one daylight job...but he doesn't want to do that
Bucky: ow
Kwisty2k: is daddy home with you today?
Bucky: yeah
Bucky: he stays home every day
Kwisty2k: is he not going to work this week either?
Bucky: becous of his sickness
Kwisty2k: I'm glad I'm not sick like that.
Bucky: i no
Kwisty2k: Exs new wifes name better go get another job, someone has to pay the bills.
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: why do you have a little black boy as your icon?
Bucky: i dont know he is from the movie you got served
Bucky: :-)
Kwisty2k: oh i see
Kwisty2k: cause you're NOT a black boy
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: I however always scratch my head
Bucky: lol
Kwisty2k: i do
Kwisty2k: i'm just not that skinny.... yet
Bucky: lol
Bucky: youll get there ..... lol
Kwisty2k: yah eventually
Kwisty2k: i keep buying smaller pant
Kwisty2k: pants
Kwisty2k: R told me to tell you he said hello
Bucky: how do you see R your talking to him on the phone...?
Kwisty2k: no he told me on sat
Kwisty2k: he's at work right now
Bucky: oh i see
Kwisty2k: did you get any damage cause of the storm?
Bucky: nope not at all
Kwisty2k: one of the big big palm trees in the complex where I live fell over
Bucky: so......lol
Kwisty2k: haha it was a big nice one
Kwisty2k: now it's dead
Bucky: oh
Kwisty2k: but now my truck is all cleaned up
Kwisty2k: :-)
Bucky: bye the pool
Kwisty2k: no near the corner by poop island
Kwisty2k: where'd you go?
Bucky: well tht doesent matter thats an entry way you dont even enter writ there
Kwisty2k: i know
Kwisty2k: sometimes i leave for work that way, today i had to turn around
Kwisty2k: it was right there blocking stuff
Kwisty2k: stupid tree
Bucky: lol

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