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hey princess....

Wednesday, Jul. 31, 2002
wasn’t it me that once said I wanted ..love...love like this..

Hey Princess…

Let me tell you…. I am going to have to take a cold shower tonight. This is the culmination of my labors. I know that it is not the greatest, but I don’t think it is that bad for my first one. Here goes nothing? But first I need to start off with, “Kristy, everything is going to be all right.” ;)

I would start by tenderly kissing your soft, smooth lips. Lightly brushing your silk like hair through my fingers, I would kiss my way down to the supple flesh of your neck, lingering just long enough to provide a subtle taste of things to come. You can feel my warm breath and the delicate touch of my lips on your neck. As your mind races, you wonder how something so subtle can prove to be such a pleasure.

You note the faint smell of Tommy Boy cologne wafting from my neck and it only serves to heighten all of your senses, triggering an explosion of passion within your body. With your newfound awareness, you eagerly begin to nibble on my ear, while your hands gently caress the back of my head, slowly inching their way down the soft skin of my bare back.

Your eagerness only serves to excite me into a higher level of passion. I can start to feel the desire building, but I hold back -- wanting to savor every precious moment we have together. Slowly, one-by-one, I begin to undue the buttons down the front of your blouse, my fingertips softly exploring the newly exposed flesh. You can feel the surprisingly gentle touch of my rough hands beginning to discover the supple flesh of your breast.

Gently pushing your blouse back, I begin to delicately kiss my way down your neck and begin to further explore your body. Your excitement builds as my tongue leaves a warm yet rapidly cooling trail down your neck. After what seems like an eternity to your senses, you can feel the earliest hints of my breath on your nipples. Your yearning is finally quenched once you feel the first flicks of my tongue across your quickly erecting nipples.

Your hands not satisfied with only caressing my back, move to the front of my Levi 501’s and begin to tug at the button fly. One at a time the buttons yield to your persistent efforts and you finally can slid your quivering hand into the front of my now open jeans. You can sense my excitement as you feel me start to at first tremble then begin moan with pleasure at your gentle advances. Finding what you are searching for, you begin to expertly work your fingers, feeling my quickly erecting penis swell in your hand.

After only a few minutes of your skillful touch, I gently pull your hand away, the stimulation too much for me to handle. Primed for action, I once again feel my passion and desire try to take control, but I resist. Redirecting my excitement towards you, I gently push you back onto the bed, and begin to work my tongue with a renewed vigor. Exploring the pleasures of your flesh, my head begins to move down your body. My descent is punctuated with momentary pauses, trying to make love to each-and-every inch of your body.

Upon reaching the top of your skirt, my hands grasp the material and lovingly tug at the fabric with one hand as the other slowly undoes the fastener. Your skirt and panties yield to my passion driven efforts and begin to slide down. With you slightly raising your bottom, I slowly inch the cotton and silk fabric down across your buttocks and off, finally discarding the now seemingly useless rags into our pile of clothing, growing on the floor.

Starting at your toes, I begin an accent that is not like anything you have ever experienced. My tongue momentarily explores every erogenous zone on your legs, zones that you only now discover, making you begin to ponder how anyone, including you, could have missed them before. I only allow you to contemplate each one for a single moment as my tongue teases its way up the inside of your thighs.

My efforts are greeted by the warm and beautifully wet smell of your rising desire. Not wanting to seem to eager, I pause to soak in the experience; you can feel my warm breath each time I exhale. The mere thought of what I am about to do causes your thigh muscles to strain and twitch. Just when it seems like you can’t wait any longer, you feel the first gently hints of my tongue start to explore you. I can feel you shutter as the waves of passion radiate out with every flick of my tongue, rippling throughout your body as an earthquake radiates out from its epicenter.

I work slowly, allowing you to drink in the delight that only this type of experience can produce. Your too long idle hands reach for the back of my head, feeling the stubble of my crew cut, you pull me in closer to you, afraid that by some terrible quirk of fate, I might disappear. As if on cue from your eagerness and desire, my fingers move up your thighs and begin to probe. Probing and exploring, looking for that one spot that I know will cause you to explode physically and emotionally with pleasure.

Finding my target, I work my finger in a circular motion, in perfect time with the rhythm of my tongue. A rhythm that does not have a set tempo, but instead is a mixture of things that you briefly fathom to understand, but decide that it is not that important right now, as another wave of ecstasy rockets through your rapidly fatiguing body.

I can feel you shutter as your vaginal muscles clamp down on my fingers, signaling the passing of yet another orgasm. But you have had all you can possibly endure for now and push my head away. Surprised, I look up only to be rewarded by you pushing me down to the bed, ready to return the pleasure that I have given you.

Pinning my arms over my head, you straddle me and pounce on my eager mouth, tasting your juices that glaze my face. Deeply and passionately you attack my lips. Kissing as if when you stopped I would be gone.

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