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"him" update

Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2003
From time to time I get emails asking what's going on with "him" because he was such a huge part of my life and diary entries for so long. "Him" and I are still good friends, and I am hoping to go and work for him one day in the near future. We had a long chat tonight and that's something we haven't done in quite awhile. It was nice. Ever since I met Rick all the other relationships in my life are better, healthier and I'm happier all the way around. Brad is doing well, very well. He's a highly motivated individual and he succeeds at everything he does. Always has and I have no doubt he always will. When I say I put him through hell, he was the one poor soul to go through the end of my marriage with me, it was a ride in a blender with no safety belt. Total mincemeat. I'm grateful he hung in there with me, it means the world to me. He's happy for me, happy that I found Rick...someone who can give me all the things I want in a relationship.

Kristy: i gotta tell you something

Kristy: i don't know if you can tell

"him": ok

Kristy: i mean

Kristy: you've known me a long time

Kristy: through a lot of shit

Kristy: but....here goes

Kristy: i'm pretty happy with life right now

Kristy: its much more peaceful

Kristy: i'm not so tortured mentally

"him": im sure

Kristy: and I have a future i'm looking forward to

Kristy: i still appreciate the opportunity that you are working so hard to afford me

Kristy: and I can't wait

Kristy: one other thing

"him": it started way back with those money making schemes

Kristy: you're always going to be someone that I have so much respect for

Kristy: someone that I care about and hold in high regard

Kristy: but the way things have worked out in the last few months is better

Kristy: its been better for our friendship as well

"him": yeah i got to clear my head

Kristy: i want you to know that I know I put you through hell

Kristy: i know that what I did wasn't fair or right

"him": yep you did .......you biotch lol

Kristy: ha

Kristy: but....i'm glad you were there for me

Kristy: i owe you so much

"him": yep you do

Kristy: and its things that have nothing to do with money

Kristy: or this opportunity

"him": no but ill take money

Kristy: teeheee

"him": money works forme

Kristy: you were my friend when I needed one the most

Kristy: and you were hardcore when I wanted that the least

Kristy: and for everytime that I hated you or hated what you were saying I now know I needed to hear it

Kristy: seems lame to tell you thank you

Kristy: so.....

Kristy: instead.... I plan to return the favor by...

Kristy: working my ass off

Kristy: for your company

"him": ya i was an honest guy who was catagorized as an asshole

Kristy: yes I know that

Kristy: i know i did that

"him": sometime i was an asshole

"him": i still can be one

Kristy: you were the scapegoat for all my anger and frustrations

Kristy: hahaha at least you admit it

"him": you were warned

Kristy: yes plenty of times

Kristy: thing is... it's amazing we made it through so much shit

Kristy: and can still talk and work together on stuff

"him": that will on your application.......initial that lol

Kristy: lol

Kristy: Rick said something to me the other day that made me stop and almost cry

"him": I kristy acknowledge the fact that Brad can and will be an asshole


"him": lol

Kristy: he told me "Something about you....you make me want to be a better person just because you try to be those things yourself."

Kristy: it almost made me cry because I instantly thought about you.... you were always that exact thing for me

Kristy: and it felt nice to have someone say that to me

"him": maybe some of it wore off on ya

Kristy: made me feel like maybe I can't pay you back......but maybe I'm doing that for someone else

Kristy: and you know Brad

Kristy: think about it

Kristy: what you gave me is helping someone you've never met

Kristy: he wants to get his license back, go to school, etc

"him": interesting thought

Kristy: he wants things he thought were impossible

"him": ok i made my contribution to this world....now let me the fuck out lol

Kristy: remind you of a certain girl that just needed someone real to talk to a long time ago?

"him": nope

Kristy: Rick's been fucked over..had shitty things happen to him....he knows how bad shit can be.

"him": i only remember a real pain in the (_o_)

Kristy: hahahahahahaha

Kristy: sorry

Kristy: *shrugs*

Kristy: I guess I'm trying to explain to you that I haven't forgotten....I don't think I ever will

"him": but im glad you met someone your compatable with isnt a creep or liar

Kristy: Rick's great

"him": im glad to hear it

Kristy: he's not perfect

Kristy: but he is real

Kristy: he is honest

"him": he cant be me

Kristy: and he's trying really hard

Kristy: lol you're NOT FUCKING PERFECT PAL lol

"him": lmao

Kristy: just cause your hair is

Kristy: haaaaa

"him": thats right

"him": perfect hair for the perfect person

Kristy: phhhft

Kristy: you better shave your head then

Kristy: lol

"him": damn i guess i really am perfect

"him": :-D

"him": whats he going to do when he gets here

Kristy: he wants to get a job..go to school

"him": he plans to get a loan

Kristy: he plans to work his way through

Kristy: i told him i'd help him anyway that i can as long as he's helping himself

Kristy: and I would

Kristy: helping someone that has desire to change and better themselves is a good thing

"him": yes if they are sincere

Kristy: key word.... sincere

Kristy: thing is

Kristy: when you help me

Kristy: when you help Matt

Kristy: someday

Kristy: someday you'll sit back and count your greenbacks and realize that Matt and I are banking because you took action

Kristy: that's gonna be better than the perfect onion

Kristy: know what?

"him": thats a tough comparison

Kristy: you are not Rick

Kristy: i don't compare

"him": yep you better get to bed

Kristy: as fucked up as it is that I feel this way...

Kristy: no one will ever be another Brad in my heart

"him": thats kewl thing to say

Kristy: i've learned to be honest ....

"him": you shouldnt let evil green fuckers in your heart

Kristy: too late

"him": lol

Kristy: anyone that really gets to know you.... will let you in

"him": hmm i dont know about that

Kristy: i know i'm lucky

Kristy: some don't get past the 2 month mark

"him": nope they dont

Kristy: friendship like this

Kristy: rare

"him": they didnt pass the inspection

Kristy: beautiful

"him": what can i say

Kristy: i'm lucky

Kristy: I didn't pass either

Kristy: I got the "get out of fucked up jail free pass"

"him": you did with a low grade

Kristy: lol

Kristy: squeaked by with an E+

Kristy: lol

"him": D minus minus minus

Kristy: lol

Kristy: isn't that the same as E+?

"him": nope no grade as E

Kristy: its kewl ...this is kewl

Kristy: talking to you for awhile and no fighting no bullshit

Kristy: its a nice thing

Kristy: thanks for being such a good friend to me

"him": its been a while

"him": did you read that email

Kristy: yes

"him": the whole thing

Kristy: i plan to read it again when i'm not chatting to you

"him": good

Kristy: "carefully"

"him": kewl

Kristy: I've learned a lot.

Kristy: I majored in brilliance at Brad U

"him": oh theres lot more for me to teach

Kristy: good

Kristy: you are my best source of goodness

"him": if i just get passed your thick head

Kristy: lol

Kristy: <---plans to file down her thick skull

"him": most of the time what i say just bounces off your head

Kristy: there's less bullshit going on in my life these days

Kristy: more of a clear head

"him": and the ears are shut

"him": what up with that

Kristy: lol

Kristy: I'm gonna go to bed

"him": ok

Kristy: have a nice night

"him": good night

"him": im going to bed soon 2

Kristy: g'night

"him": night

Kristy: ok then SCRAM!

"him" signed off at 1:33:15 AM.

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