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Sunday, Aug. 04, 2002
wow..the stuff that people say…you think you know…you never know…

me: but this time's a little different
me: he's professing love
me: and I never even went there
me: I've been all about "nope...not this again"
diaryland dad: heh
diaryland dad: just keep your distance
me: why is that funny?
diaryland dad: protect self
me: bullshit and you know it
diaryland dad: i've been where he's at.
diaryland dad: your perspective becomes skewed. if it's real it will be real when he gets back.
me: where he's at?
diaryland dad: overseas during war
me: c'mon
me: and he's been overseas at war a lot
diaryland dad: i had a kristi
me: argh
me: don't tell me that
diaryland dad: IM JUST saying enjoy his "company" you guys seem to click
diaryland dad: but don't fall headfirst until he's back here and in his element
me: he has no element
ne: he's always somewhere else
me: fuck
me: just fuck
diaryland dad: =/ i'm glad you ahve somene you are clicking with
diaryland dad: so well
diaryland dad: its hard to find
me: what makes you think he and I click so well?
me: can you answer that?
diaryland dad: you write about him alot, you share alot in your journal. he makes you laugh.
me: didn't know you actually read my journal
me: go figure
diaryland dad: hah


me: as if... I can't even find a guy that wants me ...let alone one with a pre-made sister
diaryland dad: blah blah blah. any guy that got involved in your situation now is asking for an ulcer! don't blame us! we're self-preservers!
diaryland dad: you're a catch, just be patient
me: lol I am a catch?
me: now that's funny
diaryland dad: get your shit straight and you'd be surprised.
me: now you're telling funny jokes
diaryland dad: sure you're smart, you're romantic, you got big boobies
diaryland dad: you're a mom.
me: OMG...listen to you
diaryland dad: those are plusses to alot of guys
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