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Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2003
Have I mentioned lately how much I detest my job?? How much I hate my whining pathetic excuse for a boss? Well, probably not and its because I tend to give my best regardless of the worst a job has to offer.

Well...I have started on my hunt for a job I will be thrilled with, because the last few years has taught me that life is short and one must never accept less than what we truly want.

So...I've been sending out my resume, updating online etc. I got a random phone call from someone who saw my resume online. The job is working for...

"a publisher of magazines aimed at wealthy buyers of luxury boats which is wholly owned by its locally based founders.."

ahh.....peak your interest? Mine too. A job broker contacted me. They submitted my resume to the company and the company wants to meet with me a.s.a.p. My interview is on Friday.

My fingers..my toes....and even my eyes are crossed on this one.

Me working for a publisher??? Woah....

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