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Thursday, Apr. 14, 2005
I’m currently at work on the home side of the bay and doing my old school job all day. I will be on the rough side all of next week for extensive training on how to admit people into college. Ahhh it’s probably less confusing and less information cumbersome to admit people to the hospital for brain surgery, but that’s ok this is a better form of brain surgery we’re in the business of.

Ya know how everyone says they hate the giant conglomerate called Wal-Mart for so many various reasons. But then the largest masses of human beings still go there for their consumer goods? It’s the same story I think of when it comes to the University. Everyone wants to rough up the giants and we are the giant of the education industry. We simply are.

I have the next 3 days off and here are the things I want to achieve:

Read 3rd week workshop reading for my class

Wash the dog

Clean the floors

Change the sheets

Clean up my books

Take a long hot bubble bath

Get a pedicure

Look for chocolate brown paint for the living room

Read a book that is non-school related

Go for coffee

Clean up the bedroom

I just called my ex to see if my son was with him and if I could speak to him and he wasn’t. I had him on speaker phone in my office because I was working and this is how it went.
me: hey is ****** with you?
him: no he’s not, he’s at home and I’m out. Why hon’ what did you need?
me: (grossed out at his calling me hon….ignoring it) um…I just wanted to talk to him about this weekend…when will you be back home with him?
him: probably around 7
me: ok I’ll call him back later
him: ok
me: bye
him: bye
TonyMac: Did YOUR ex-husband just call you hon?
me: yah I thought he said that….I’ll be back I gotta go throw up in the restroom

It’s gross to me that he did that….and I can’t even figure out why it matters….but for some odd reason it does. I thought about going off about it and/or saying something but I thought quickly that if I ignored it it might just be better…but now I wish I had said something…but then again why? It’s confusing how emotions just come to the skin and they mess with logic.

Logic would say it was a old habit slipping to the surface. But logic also remembers that he never called me that, he used to call me by another nickname. So logic makes no logic in this case. Does he call his new wife that? Bet she’d love to know that for him that word is something to be thrown around not saved for her benefit. It’s just all wrong no matter how you approach it. All wrong. Words are nothing but a ploy for him to use...to come off as Mr. Charmer when he's oh so dangerous.
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