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Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2004
Honey Do list

1. hug me everyday
2. kiss me goodnight every night
3. listen to me nag, whine, bitch, complain, laugh, snore and burp, fart and bitch some more every day, night, afternoon…and ok you get the point.
4. give Chloe a bath every now and then just because you love her and you love me to be happy that “her” is clean and smells undoggified.
5. clean all that garbagy gunk outta my truck
6. wash the dishes in the sink…they be stankin’
7. fix that one stack of books in the living room that’s about to take a nosedive
8. ohh and try to make the bed around Chloe’s lumpiness, we’ll mess that biotch up later together

Special Instructions: Do NOT wash my clothes…Do NOT worry about anything else…do NOT stress out about a thing. Lay on the couch, open the windows wide and enjoy some Florida sunshine and remember honey I DO love you. A LOT!

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