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Monday, Feb. 23, 2004
Another day of 12 hours of work shoved into 8 with still 8 hours of work left to do when I left. This position is great, and I'm happy but hella busy. I can't think when I'm there.

Tonight is Monday so it's a night of coming home to an empty abode. I can't can't can't get used to this. I'm so used to coming home to a family. I think this is why this has been this underlying gap in everything. I always feel like I might tread onto that gap and fall forever. But I'm ok...damn it I'm ok, I am strong and I will get past this. Life changes, I have to learn to go along with it rather than resist.

I burned my first CD last night on the lap. It goes like this....
One Thing - Finger Eleven
White Flag - Dido
Trip Like I do - Crystal Method
Burning in Love - Honeymoon Suite
I miss you - Incubus
My December - Linkin Park
When Stars Go Blue -Ryan Adams
California Stars - Wilco and Billy Bragg
I must be High - Wilco
No Poetry - Wilco
Within your reach - The Replacements

Only because these were the songs that Kazaa would let me download first. Go figure.

Fuck this sitting here alone with the dog....I'm driving over to see bf at work and get me some free dinner. Yum.
Ta ta!
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