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Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005
My hours at work have changed. Weíre working these things out. But my son goes to school during some weird weird hours so I donít know how to work it all out. My ex says I should pick my son up from his house every day after school and drop him off every morning at his house before school. GahhhÖ I really donít relish the thought of going to his house on a daily basis to play musical child. I donít want that sort of situation at all. He goes to school from get thisÖ

9:50 a.m. until 4:05 p.m. And there is no after school program nor is there any breakfast program. Stupid school!

And who works those hours? Who? Who? Who even works close to those hours? Why are his school hours so weird? Because they stagger all the grades out so that the same busses and same bus drivers can manage to transport all the kids to and from school. In other words within this county there are far too many kids and not enough room and/or services. When I read news articles about displaced New Orleans kids going to our schools and reports of hundreds of kids being added to our already crap ass system, itís scary. No, itís not that I want to begrudge anyone and I am thankful for all that I have. Itís more that I think what exactly is going to happen if they all stay here? Our county already operates on the choice program and therefore just because you might live 3 minutes from the closest school does not mean that your child will attend it. Your child might be bussed further away than you can imagine because of overcrowding. At least 80% of the schools have additional trailers set up to house kids during the day. Thereís just simply not enough room. Ok so that turned into a rant that Iím not particularly proud of because I know some asshat is going to read me wrong.

Either way, Iím at work earlier and will leave earlier and no this is not because I simply asked, but rather because I saw a prime opportunity for a ďthe company needs this, and I could provide itĒ moment yesterday and I rode that train until I reached my preferred destination. But this means I get up earlier, I am at work first, and I have to find a way to be motivated in the mornings all by myself. TonyMac is being moved to Tampa to work, and so thatíll be an adjustment too. Iím sure Iíll miss having him around because heís so lively and funny.

Thatís about all thatís going on in my world. That and school and...oh yah writing another paper. Gah!
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