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Friday, Jun. 25, 2004
Itís Friday nightÖIíve had a nap, a few chicken nuggets and a hot cup of tea. Itís hot outside and so b.f. and I canít sit on the front lanai (teeheeÖ.we donít even have a lanai I just wanted to use that word) because itís so dang hot here in Florida right now. My hair is a mass of frizzy curls and all is calm and well.

How is it that this thing called depression can whack you out of your mind one night and the next you are happy as a clam in mud? I donít get it. Iím sure the nap helped. Lately Iím over tired and over wrought with too much thought about everything.

There are 3 computers in this apartment. 3! In all reality there are actually 5 of them. Two are in non-set up status. But technically there are 5 working pcís in this house. I remember a time when people had one t.v. one radio and a manual typewriter and electronics were things that people in big industry utilized. Not the every day family. I love my computer. Of course I hate ab.f.ís keyboard. Damn this thing sucks. But I think I would have been a happy camper living in the Walton style times. I mean things were simple then. No computers, tvís, just a big ole radio and some story being read by a man with one microphone. Simple. Did I mention that there are 3 printers in this apartment? Have I mentioned that this apartment is a one-bedroom apartment?

Right now Iím thinking already about the fact that Iíll have a nice long 3-day weekend over the 4th of July. YahÖhow insane is that? Itís Friday night and Iím already concentrating on when I have a few days off again. UghÖ

Bryanís reading Catch 22. I havenít ever read that book. I think I might have to wait for him to read it and tell me all about it. It looks like a bore of a novel.

This is by far the most boring entry.

Bucky is here tonight. b.f.ís nephew Sean is here too. Earlier I was talking to Bucky in the truck on the way home and he was saying something about a CD being ďmore betterĒ than another one. I corrected his speech and he stated that he is only 11 and whatís the big deal. I advised him that if I didnít ever correct his speech now heíd sound like a big dufus one day whenever heís in his thirties and canít talk correctly. In retrospect I think I insulted him because he got this strange look on his face. I explained to him that sometimes when we talk fast we say things the easiest way that they naturally come out and that itís ok that that happens as long as itís not habit and we realize itís not correct english. But when I cause that look to hit his faceÖoh man thatís not a good feeling. However, I hate thirty somethingís that canít talk.

Yah ok so thatís allÖÖ.thereís a house full of peeps hereÖand Iím gonna goÖ


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