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Monday, Dec. 02, 2002
Being harassed is sad. I have seen the ugly side of humanity today. I would like to personally apologize to anyone else that was subjected to harassment in their guestbook and yet not given a voice of their own to be heard. Itís just another reason for me to pick up the rocks in my pond and keep swimming through. I donít understand it, if itís envy, jealousy, a need for attention. I just donít get it. Either way, Iím sorry he involved you in something Iíve been trying to ignore for quite a few months now.

Onto other things, I have a few other things I need to concentrate my efforts on. I have a novel to finish, not for Nanoís sake, because lets face it, anyone can enter anything on that site and call themselves a novelist. I want to write for the fact that I am a writer and there are people rooting for me. I was a little distracted by my efforts to work on my business ventures and improve my life and my sonís life. It seemed more important at the time and it still is. I also took time off to work on some other projects, including spending more time with my son. But now Iím just going to try to squeeze it all in. My son, and then my business will always come first, as it is successful and of the utmost importance in my life right now.

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