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Saturday, Dec. 09, 2006
It’s really late or really early in the morning. I’m watching Food TV while Rick is out playing poker with his friends. Paula Dean….there is a woman I admire. She’s on right now and her ex-husband (they were married for 27 years) is making her a steak. They are divorced and she’s remarried and from everything I’ve ever seen (watched a BIO about her on Food TV) they did not have an amicable split.

I can assure you that I will never allow my ex-husband to prepare food for me again…not in this lifetime.

What is it that makes her overcome and fully forgive and does not allow me to? Is it different circumstances? Perhaps…but then I compare 27 years to 12 and holy crap that’s over double. I’m perplexed.

Wait...I think it's Irreconcilable Differences vs. Roaming Penis. I get it now.

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