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Monday, Sept. 13, 2004
I will be back, but I will be password protected, so its not free anymore.

I put this template up here for now, hoping to get my disk to read later this week.

Now, for an updateÖ. I have been entering some entries so if you patch back you can see some things. Iíve had a rough couple of months, but Iím hangin in there.

Iím currently working two jobs, one morning job working for a high end construction company that builds houses for people who have so much cash they burn it on Saturday nights having bonfires to roast marshmallows. These houses are mucho ritz. They work on only about 9 to 10 homes at a time and need help with AP. My boss there is super nice. I work 3 hours a day.

Iím also working at a local college. I work gruel some hours but the jobs is laid back and quite fun. Part of my benefits package includes tuition on them. So I am enrolling and will begin my gen edís hopefully before the end of this month. Iím looking forward to learning and growing and blahhh blahhÖ.

Iíve lost a considerable amount of weight in the last 2 months. I call it my ďNo money makeoverĒ. Iím not in dire straights by any means, but Iím hoarding cash and saving for my future and to pay off some person to person debts. I managed to pay my rent the last two months on my own entirely and without the aid of the government whatsoever. I didnít even gain by receiving unemployment benefits even though I was off for nearly a month. Go figureÖ.

Iím feeling good about my career and my relationship with my son is going ok considering the hours Iím working and the schoolwork load that Iíll have soon. Itís everything else.

I will only say that Iím heartbroken, and there are things and people that I will not ever be commenting on online. Donít ask. I wonít answer. Iíve built walls around those things and theyíre safe within.

My heart is sadÖ.it will be for some time to come. Too many losses so recently, including my grandfather less than two weeks ago. Too much too condensed.

I'm on meds full time again, feeling better, however hard to sleep, hard to eat...feeling woozy inside. Not well physically...carrying too much heartache. Dr. says there's no pill for heartache, just time...

I'm back to working on my novel, "Infection" and intend to publish it prior to Christmas. Finally...

I'm busy, I'm tired, I'm 2 sizes thinner since last I wrote....and I'm hopeful and wickedly working to straighten out my crooked notebook lines. I'm also hurricaned OUT. Enough already...

Someone tell me how to fix my "last" and "next" buttons below??? spanks!


Someone told me the "blank white box" was sad...thank you someone.
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