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Wednesday, Sept. 04, 2002
This morning I got two very cool emails….and I think they will set the mood for my day. So thanks Tod, I’ve missed your wry commentary and brilliant viewpoints on life. It’s been awhile… And thanks to Bryan for contacting me!

You know what is good about your diary (and subsequently about your writing)? When you're angry or sad or when shit appears to be landing square on your head, you manage to eloquently express what is happening to you. That's the best way to channel this kind of stuff. They say writers are able to stay out of therapy with more frequency than normal folk because we have an outlet, a way to express our inner most demons in creative ways. It doesn't ultimately change the outcome of the bad experiences, memories, nor does it promise good things are hiding behind emotional corners, but at least, in some small way, it helps. God, I hope it does!

you can find out who tod is….he’s worth the time… tod goldberg

I hope it helps too. And….holy shit!!!! Tod Goldberg called me a writer. I think I just ruined my Wednesday panties.

Hey Kristy

I came across your poetry and I must say that I really like your work. I especially liked "Blue Light Life" & "Diamonds Are Just Memories". I mean your stuff is really good. You have a nice style and voice. I think I'm gonna have to put a link to your page on my own site, so others can find out about your talent. As for me, I have some of my poetry up on my site also and I would like to hear what you have to say about some of my poems, if you have the time. Well take care and continued success. Visit my website too. :-)


to be told these things…is of course nice. To be told them by someone that writes like he does. Triply diply nice. Thank you Bryan and I hope you don’t mind being included here.

Some days I’m discouraged. Some days my pen feels foreign. Other days I am encouraged and I feel like I am wielding the mighty sword and perhaps someone gets it. But then again, it doesn’t mean much if I’m not doing it for myself first. And I’m a greedy type when it comes to writing. I ain’t doin’ nun of it fer yo ass. It’s all for me. ”I am a writer.”

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