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i don't want to be at work today

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2005
Yesterday somebody rolled their eyes at me. This was very upsetting to me because I am not a child taking a temper tantrum. I told Rick all about it, and he of course had to roll his eyes at me at least 3 times during the conversation. (I love that man!)

Last night I came home from work to discover that the air conditioning was not working. It simply was not coming on, but didn’t appear to be frozen over. If it freezes over then it leaks water and there was no water leaking. Thankfully it wasn’t that hot last night and so we just put a fan on the side table facing the bed and turned on the relaxing sounds machine to “rain” and for some reason I fell immediately to sleep and did not suffer being hot all night.

I think it had everything to do with the making love prior to going to sleep. Something about the way he looks straight into my eyes, like he did last night, makes me go insanely crazy. I think it’s a Scorpio thing. But I woke up still feeling very loved and very happy.

Rick and I get up around the same time in the morning and he told me he didn’t feel like going to work. I agreed on my end. We often have this same conversation. But he was more insistent today. I asked him “why ….why don’t you want to go to work today” (because I’m a question girl….always with the delving questions) and he said, “Because I want to stay home and make love to you again.”

That deserved a full on hug. And that would be reason #342,122,990.879,112,022,000 that I pick Rick!
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