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Saturday, Sept. 17, 2005

I have to openly admit that I used to write more freely here and with more emotional depth about how I was feeling, struggling etc with depression and other sorts of issues.  We all have those issues.  But recently my son has started to read my diary and I hate to think of causing the fear of God in him with worry about me when I chose to write at 1 a.m. within the grips of an emotional download of thoughts and ideas.  It would break my heart to worry him over momentary bad feelings so I write about those elsewhere to help myself cope without causing other people undue stress.  This is what happens when people find out where you write online I suppose.


In addition, the man came home from work yesterday and advised me that he gave my url to his bosses wife because she likes to read a lot too.  My first reaction was “You did WHAT???”  I even joked with him that I was going to start every entry with “my poor guy doesn’t make enough money, he needs a raise” teeheee….. 


It is odd to think that individuals I don’t even know can and will know more about me than I may ever know about them.  But in any event hello to the bosses wife, tell me what you like to read, I’m curious.  And I hope you enjoy reading about what I do on the Saturday’s when my man is out working hard.  It’s probably a blessing in disguise that he works on Saturday’s so that I can wrangle my brain into tackling schoolwork.  For a guy who mostly “hates” my website, he’s a walking advertisement for it too, so I suppose he’s secretly proud in some way or another.


It’s another mid Saturday morning where I’m sitting on the couch with laptop in hand reviewing what school dictates I will be spending my next few hours tackling.  This has become a habit and I know that when I graduate from college I will find myself sitting on the couch on Saturday’s feeling lost as to what normal non-college people do with this day. 


What is my assignment?


        Nature of Logic and Perception Paper (Due Week One – see calendar)


Prepare a 700-1,050 word, typewritten paper explaining the nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking, as you understand it. Within the paper, also be sure to outline your own perceptual process.   Then describe the types of perceptual blocks that influence your views and then explain the critical thinking process and how it is changed or manipulated by perception.  An abstract is not required in this paper.  Do not simply use the questions as headings and answer them; I expect a paper that addresses these issues and those indicated in the beginning of this paragraph.  Post your paper in the Assignments newsgroup.

Refer to the ideas and questions below to help you develop your paper:

·          Identify an instance in your life where your perception of the reality situation was far from the actual reality.

·          What did you think was going on?

·          What was really going on?

·          Why was there such a difference?

·          What happened?

·          What did you learn?

·         How did your critical thinking process change?


It’s a good thing I do not have an aversion to writing because if I did I’d never make it through this program.  It is writing intensive.  But before I can do this assignment it has occurred to me that I really need to do this portion of the weeks work:


1.       Read Chapters 1- 3 and 14 in the text, Critical Thinking.

2.       Read the following University Materials located in the source materials :

·          Briefly review "Critical Thinking Assumptions Scenarios" (There will be instructions posted in the Course Materials newsgroup in Week 2)

Review the “Master List of Logical Fallacies”



I don’t think it’s fun to read things that do not excite me.  I have several new and exciting books on the coffee table that I would rather be reading so it takes much dedication to attack boring critical thinking stuff.  I always walk away from the assignments smarter for having done them, but prior to their completion they just appear to be thorns in my side.  


In other news:  There’s a Petsmart commercial where they show a weiner dog running around with his/her favorite toy and then the owner takes it away from him/her and takes the dog to Petsmart to get a new one.  That commercial is so cute it makes my teeth ache.  So cute….


Ok this delaying of the inevitable doing of the aforementioned assignment……must now end.

It's a glorios thing when an author leaves me a guestbook entry! It's the best reason for me to continue to write here. Now that book just got moved to the top of the "must read next" list. :-)

And just for the record...this cover rocks!
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