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Saturday, Nov. 27, 2004
I’m actually NOT tired. I actually am doing nothing! Imagine that. I’m doing NOTHING! Actually I made Thanksgiving dinner and the fiancé and Bucky and Sean came over and we all ate. I made roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy, sweet potato bake with marshmallows and we had pumpkin pie and fiancé made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for Bucky’s birthday. Awww’ness.

I’ve been hanging out…not jumping up early in the morning for work, and just being generally really lazy and happy. I should probably be doing something with my time off and I suppose I am doing something with my time off. It’s called “living and relaxing”. With two jobs and school coming up, it’s nice to have some time off.

I did get a nice little manicure from my son of all people. He’s really artsy fartsy and prefers to draw and paint etc. Yesterday we went to Target and I bought a set of nail polishes for $5. I’m so sick of my nail shop’s colors! And they will let you bring anything in so I went for it. My son decided to imitate a pedicure I got while he was present and he painted my toes pinkish/red with white French trim. He did quite an amazing job. When my toes and fingers look beautiful I want to dance around and sing “I feel pretty…ohhh so pretty!”

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Yah..not bad for a 12 yr old inexperienced toe painter eh? :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday….

Try not to sing, “I feel pretty oh so pretty….” All day long…teehee

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