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Tuesday, Dec. 03, 2002
Everyone on Diaryland is talking about how it’s cold; they’re putting snow in their layouts, talking about scraping snow and generally reminding me that I shouldn’t be complaining about all these chilly mornings we’re having here in Florida. After all its sunny and we are expecting a high of 70 today! Would you like me to jar up some for ya? How about some sand for in between your toes? Sure thing, just send me some snow and we’ll do a fair trade.

We had an unsettling meeting at the end of the work day yesterday. Cause for alarm? Not sure. Cause for a sleepless night? Nope. I have learned that there are things in life that you CAN control and other things that you CANNOT control. Why stress yourself out about things that will come to pass in their own due time. If I’m meant to move on from here, it will happen. If I am meant to stay, then that will be possible. While I control a great deal of my own path, sometimes the path changes on its own. I have learned to go with the flow. Even when the worst possible things happen, they usually are followed by some of the most amazing things. So…bring it on. I slept well last night. Life goes on.

I personally am excited to finish this year off. I have a long list of things I want to do in the New Year, and yes I’m ahead of myself here, it’s only the 3rd of December, but then again, we all know this month will pass in a flurry of activity. I started my Christmas shopping, and outside of a few things yet for “Bucky”, I am almost done. I still have “him” on the list, and I am at a complete loss for what to get him. He said he wanted Tim McGraw’s new CD and good thing I didn’t run out and buy it, because he bought it the very next day. You just can’t buy someone something when they can go out and get themselves whatever they want. So now I’m going to have to be a little more creative and come up with something unique and practical and logical. Any ideas? *sigh*

Last night I went on a laughing jag after sending “him” so many warnings that his aim was doing that rate limit thing that is irritating. Why do people do that to each other? I mean there is a simple solution. Put a person on block. I mean that option is right there. This tells me that anyone that gets those warnings must not completely mind speaking to a person they are typing to. Go figure. I personally don’t mind talking to anyone, what amazes me is how people misunderstand simple text. It’s proof positive that text exchanges do not have the same inflection of voice conversations. Either way, I couldn’t stop laughing. That kind of laughing that just overtakes you and you try and try to stop but you can’t. It felt good to laugh like that. Warning someone on aim is simply a waste of time. It’s like two 5 year olds playing that slap game. It’s as juvenile as “She touched me firrrst”. Really stupid! But in that case it was really funny.

Husband still hasn’t gotten his test results back from that big chunk of muscle they removed from his leg last month. Almost a month now! Exactly how long is this going to take? His leg …it’s finally looking somewhat normal again. But he’s struggling and having a tough time. He’s in pain all the time. Bucky doesn’t understand and just wants to be able to play with his daddy like always. It’s all very tough to watch and mostly I put it in this small corner of my mind where I can deal with it. It’s best not to dwell on things I can’t change. See where I learned that lesson?

I know two things are very much in the forefront of my mind, both of which I can’t talk about.

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