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if you only knew (poem)

Thursday, May. 09, 2002
I wrote this last June about someone….and here we are in May of the following year and I feel the exact same damn way about someone else….*sigh*

if you only knew

i wish
a wish
a polka dotted dish
holding all of life
in the blink of the
life a fish
everyone moves
his river

i wish
i was
worth your wish
but you can’t let
your penny drown

if i laid down
beside you
crawled inside you
until the essence of
my i disappeared
would you forget me?
because i didn’t take
from you
i only
gave for you
to see

my shadow
could leave you
a memory
my eye sockets

can you touch
what i did for you?
what i gave up for you?
you never saw one
my own vision
you painted me
your sad viewpoint
into division

i’d be me for you
if you were me for me
for you will never be
enough for me
by only being you

and now I can
but I brailley see
you cocking your head
i see the confusion
of blatant division

i know you don’t get me
even though i give me
too free

you don’t quite ever
the way i live

but you laugh at the
just to be part of
the “us” crowd
problem is
you might just
make it through
if you didn’t
laugh so damn loud

then there’s


if you only knew
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