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Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2003

I like the way matches smell once they go out. I like the way gas smells

at the gas station. I like the smell of grass when it's first cut on a summer day.


I like the way a weed eater sounds on a summer morning reminding you to wake

up and enjoy the warmth of the day. I like the sound of a dog barking far off

in the neighborhood, and then causing another dog to bark closer to home. I

like the way the sky sings right before a storm. I like the way the rain weeps

on a dark night.


I like the way the sheets feel when they are freshly washed. I like the way Chloes sleek fur feels when shes cuddled up next to me. I like the way a hot bath feels against my tired skin.


I like the way Buckys eyes light up when I say yes to what he wants. I like the way BFs arms feel around me whenever he hugs me.


If I just stop and think for two minutes, I like a lot of things about life. 8-)



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