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Thursday, Aug. 15, 2002
I don't think anyone was ever like he is before or will ever be again..

me: i mean everyone everywhere

me: what about my coworker Unger saying that crap to me...which incidentally blew up yesterday and work right now is a big mess....

t: whats that?

me: I got tired of the rude comments flying around the room and I brought it up in an email with my 2 bosses and Unger.

me: in an email

me: basically told them what I thought

t: ok

t: and?

t: people didnt like that?

me: I pretty much think I shouldn't have to go to work and listen to that crap day in and day out

t: nope you shouldnt

me: and I watched them all haggling this other guy that works there about never getting any from his wife

t: dicks

me: right

me: and he was getting upset

me: and granted its his own fault for telling them he doesn't get any

me: but still

me: if he's got all sorts of problems at home why should he have to come to work and listen to total crap from them too

t: right

me: basically no one really addressed anything with me

me: the 3 of them just gathered together to whisper about my emails and nothing got said about it at all

t: emails that you sent?

me: yeah....

me: I'll show ya

t: ok

me: long boring stuff

me: but I was upset, and to be honest with you I'm slowly losing my patience with all the crap in my life

me: tired of sitting idly by saying nothing

t: i can understand

me: I was nice about it if you ask me

t: true

me: I'm gonna forward the whole thing to ya

me: it's coming from *(*@&(*^@hotmail.com

me: I forwarded them to myself to protect myself or whatever

t: ok babe....what another email account?

me: teeheee

me: I knew you were gonna say that

t: how many is that?

me: that's all of em

me: now

t: right

me: this one was my main thing but I get so much spam on there its insane

me: of course you have to read this email from the bottom email up

me: the bottom one is the one I sent first

t: ok

me: Boss is the owner....Unger is the guy that made that comment to me that I talked to you about the other day and L is Bosss ex-girlfriend now accounting chick

me: hello?? I lost ya

t: nope reading

me: k

t: ok..

t: I can finish later

me: yeah it's not pretty stuff....

t: nope isnt

me: but I think that's why I was kinda just cranky last night.... carry over on crap stuff

me: I don't need to go to work and put up with more

me: I worked on my resume last night and I'm going to buckle down and look for something else

t: ;-)

t: good

me: being around all that negativity at work sucks

t: yep

me: ya know.....all I want is to be happy and it feels so much like I'm always being sabotaged or something....and I don 't want to blame my problems on other people...but man...sometimes its hard not to

t: i know baby

me: what I really would like to say to Unger? "hey man why do you have to be a dick towards me? Do you not think I have enough stuff to deal with?" and just knee him in the groin and go back to work lol

t: sounds like a plan

me: i was pretty diplomatic....i even threw in this lame apology for not saying something sooner and handling it quicker and more efficiently

me: I left out the part about "c'mere let me knee you"

me: lol

t: ;-)

me: ok....so reason I'm telling you now?

me: about this...

t: ok

me: cause I was cranky last night and....it had nothing to do with you...and I owe you an apology for being so...um..whatever

t: accepted but unnecessary...

t: I will always for give you

me: i didn't want to bring it up last night cause I didn't want to start crying out of mere frustration and making a big scene over something that should probably not bother me

t: it should bother you

me: and in all honesty.... its not even what he said...

me: its just that there's so much going on that it sometimes doesn't take much for me to just want to crumple and say "ok ok just run all over me...just get it all over with already"

me: so hard to be constantly strong

t: Ill be there if you need support

me: i know...

me: i knew that last night too

t: ok

t: then

me: i just hate being so sad all the time around you because that's not who I really am

me: does that make sense to you?

t: yes it does babe

me: i just want to be kristy again so bad

t: you are still Kristy

me: yes but it's so easy to forget

t: you are still you to me

me: awwwww

me: ty for saying that to me... you have no idea....

t: no need to thank me babe

me: yeah there is because it means a lot to me and I am thankful even if I don't have to say it... i want to

t: :-)

me: sometimes like right now it just sucks that I can't just hug you...

me: i mean that's what I would do if I could

t: *hugs*

me: i'd just hug you and then you'd know and I wouldn't have to say anything

me: sometimes its when you arent' saying one thing that is at all sexual that I want to come rip off your clothes and grind against your stomach and scream your name until I lose my voice

t: ;-)

me: i love you tony

t: i got some cream for that

me: teehee....

me: for sore throats?

t: yep..

t: kinda like Dickbalm except for throats

me: lol

t: what?

t: ?

me: that's just funny

me: dickbalm

t: ok

me: ok I gotta get goin

me: gotta go to the salt mines

t: ok baby

t: sorry about that

me: sorry about what?

t: someone asked a question

me: no its ok...don't be sorry about that stuff

t: :-)

t: buh bye babe..

t: have fun ok

t: I love you

me: i love you right front

t: :-)

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