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I love him

Monday, Sept. 26, 2005
Does the word intimacy within a relationship…even one as serious as marriage, only meant to mean sex?

When I’m 80 I might not want to have sex every single night the way I do now, but I sure hope I have “intimacy” every day of my life until I die. I sure hope that Rick will brush the back of his hand against my face even then. I really want him and I to talk and banter and conversationally play with each other the way we do now....even then. Even when the raging fires become burning embers and age may take the embers into ash.....I hope that even then he will hold my hand and kiss my lips and be my friend.

I really want the kind of intimacy that only grows with complete and true connection on every level, unshared….untarnished. I really want that, enough that over the last year I have made a concerted effort to remove distractions, harmful things....people and things that only created cloudiness in an otherwise blue and bright sky. A sky that fills me with sunshine and warmth like no other life I have had or known with a man.

Sure he still didn't cart that old monitor outside like he promised...but when I crawl into bed beside him...he will reach out for me....and more than that being precious....it is so much more so because I want him to and without willing him to......he will. I love him.....I do.
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