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Saturday, Aug. 30, 2003
What’s better than French vanilla ice cream on a sunny day? A brand new fiction novel on a rainy Sunday? A coupon for a free pair of shoes from nine west? A steak dinner with a baked potato with all the calories removed? A dog that never smells like a wet and dirty dog? (incidentally I have one of those… :-) What’s better than sex that ends leaving you with your hair all wet and sticking to your face with sweat? Better than a 4 layer chocolate cake for your birthday? Better than a brand new Honda Prelude in cherry red? Better than a notebook with a quill pen waiting for you for no good reason? Better than a brand new comforter in white for your all white summer bedroom in the Hamptons? What’s better than chicken noodle soup on days when your throat is scratchy and your poor red nose all runny? What’s better than wine with a great Italian dinner? What’s better than Robert Frost poetry being recited by a naked Brad Pitt on a autumn afternoon? What’s better than the view of the bright clean swimming pool below my living room window full of happy children splashing around? What’s better than a dozen of white roses with a card saying “our love is as pure as the snow driven Christmas day that Jesus was born on” for Christmas? What’s better than brand new black lace panties pulled up over taut thighs just mere hours before the date you’ve been waiting a week to go on?

A ten year old son that calls you every day that it is not your week to ask if it’s time for him to come to your place yet and when you finally say yes he yells out “woooooooooohoooooooooo it’s about time!”
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