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Wednesday, Nov. 06, 2002
People seldom mix "two" up with the other two; it obviously belongs with words that also begin with TW, like "twice" and "twenty" that involve the number 2. But the other two are confused all the time. Just remember that the only meanings of "too" are "also" ("I want some ice cream too.") and "in excess" ("Your walkman is playing too loudly.") Note that extra O. It should remind you that this word has to do with adding more on to something. "To" is the proper spelling for all the other uses.

First Example:

After everything Iíve read about the two of you, I am very sure that I can write a novel and self publish it all by myself too!

Second Example:

I am going to go and write more of my novel as soon as I am done with this entry.

Last Example:

I want to save enough money over the next two years to ensure that I can get a better education than someone who went to college forever and still canít manage to write anything with any form of intellect. I really want to take something worthwhile as well, so that I can work one job instead of having two.

Incidentally I wasnít even referring to the two of you in my last entry and would like to mention that Gary Hoareís book is amazing and you should buy it too. Itís so good that perhaps you should just buy two! Iím sure there is someone you know that you could give it to.

I didnít learn about iuniverse from you. It just so happens that someone I know named Laurie got her big break on iuniverse and that could happen to me too! I always notice iuniverse because I intend to one day write them a check too!

Husband told me once that I was far smarter than I was willing to ever give myself credit for. I used to think he was just saying that. Lately I am learning to see what he saw back then and I am now using it to my advantage. He too wants me to finish writing my book.

Itís great to have readership. Even greater to know that you canít resist me. You hate me, but you read me and something tells me youíll buy my book too. It doesnít matter why you come to read me it just matters to me that you do. I must be a good writer to garner such attention every day. I would think that the two of you would have other more important things to do too. But you keep reading and it ďrocks onĒ. One other thing worth mentioning too, didnít that phrase go out in the eightiesÖI picture some bad hairstyles and clothing happening over there and it makes my head hurt a little too much.

As always, Iím happy to keep you two busy. Wouldnít you just be doubly busy to know that not only do I have this diary I have more than two! They say you get better at writing if you practice. I think you need some practice too.

Yes, I ordered your book, and I ordered a red pen too! I didnít pay for it with my coffee money or gas money either, I had a few extra shitty novels, so I sold them to buy your possibly shitty novel and my new pen too. I figure Iíll be busy for an hour or two with those two items.

I have to go now. I have things to do. Iíll be back to add my new word count in a few... BythewayIreallyhatewhenpeopletypethiswayanditusuallymakesapersonlookstupidtoo.


I had one banner, but damn it now I have more than...TWO!


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